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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Action Snatchon

I don't know if the 80s action movie just morphed into other genres, or the likes of Van Damne and Segal simply killed them, but it almost seems like Guy Ritchey revived them at the Millenium turn.  It's hard to label Snatch as an action movie because it's not a bunch of gun fire and fist fights, but at the same time, isn't that exactly what is, just with more colorful characters, and much better dialogue? 

For me, action movies don't need much.  Most importantly, they need to be well-paced, and of course have … action.  Duh.  Here we have the Top 10 Action Movies of all-time:

10.  True Romance

Aside from the fact that this isn't the most quality of films, it has everything a great action movie should.  The only downside is the two main characters.  If this movie is cast with say Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis, this could vault to the Top 5.

9.  Top Gun

The 80s action movie is what defines the genre.  Jets are flying around, warring with Russia.  It's Tom Cruise vs. Val Kilmer, what's not to love about this one?  Oh, the Goose thing, that's right.  Also, Kelly McGillis coming out doesn't help the "Take My Breath Away" scene much either, but does make her "dressed up in man's clothes" scenes more fun. 

8.  First Blood

Rambo may be the more pure action movie, but it's just not good, whereas this one is a film. 

7.  Beverly Hills Cop

The 80s had that great action recipe of comedy + action which you don't get too often any more unless Will Smith is involved. 

6.  Snatch

The world Guy Ritchey creates for this and Lock Stock is rich with fun characters.  It doesn't really even matter what happens because the characters are so much fun.  I do think he killed Freddy Four Fingers off too early though.

5.  The Fugitive

Tommy Lee Jones vs. Harrison Ford.  When someone Peter Pan's off of a large damn to end a police chase, it's good stuff.  Especially after Tommy Lee Jones scoffs, "I don't care."

4.  The Predator

John McTiernan is the king of the 80s action movie.  I could've probably put 10 Arnold films in this list, but that'd be stupid.  This one is his best.  Besides, you have two former Governors stomping around the forest with Apollo Creed and large weapons. 

3.  The Dark Knight 

It's a little bit more than an action movie, but the action in this film is top notch from beginning to end, okay, maybe not the very end because the Harvey wanting to kill the commissioner's kid scene is a bit anti-climatic.  The score doesn't hurt it either. 

2.  Raiders of the Lost Ark

Naturally, Steven Spielberg makes the first true action movie with this one.  The pace of this movie versus what has come before it is remarkable.  Harrison Ford very rarely gets mentioned with the Stallone's, Arnold's and Bruce Willis' but he's probably had the most success in action movies. 

1.  Die Hard

John McTiernan's action masterpiece.  This is one of those movies that's on my short list for movies I've probably seen the most times.  Yet, every time it's on still, I always have to watch at least one part, no matter what. 


  1. Nothing from the Kurt Russel genre? Maybe some Tango and Cash or Big Trouble in Little China?

  2. I've never seen Tango & Cash, but wow, Big Trouble in Little China probably should be on this list.