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Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm the Target Demographic For Almost Famous

Watching this film, I almost feel like Sarah Palin put a bulls-eye target on me and pulled the trigger.  I'm perfect for this movie.  It's as if this should be my favorite movie of all-time simply because of the story.  Let's see, it's about an aspiring writer who loves rock 'n roll (there are a billion of us, I know). 

Other similarities between this movie I love and myself?

  • I was a young boy once, check
  • I have an older sister, check.
  • I had a very similar vinyl record collection, though it was not given to me by said older sister.
  • I never looked into a candle and saw my future, though I did once have a night where my friends and I watched a candle and were certain it was moving to the beat of the music.  (yes, to answer your question). 
  • I once dropped acid and claimed I was a golden god before jumping into a random pool at some party in middle America.  Okay, maybe not.

Aside from the similarities, the cast is incredible.  William and his vixens are fun and all, but his sister is Zooey Deschanel, his mom is Frances McDormand, and his mentor is Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Not to mention, when he gets out on the road, he gets to hang out with Jason Lee.  Aside form the typical, "partying like rock stars" bullshit, how much fun would Lee's sarcasm be?  Would it get old after awhile?  I doubt it would.  I'd find it impossible to side with Russell though on this one.  On one hand you have Jason Lee, the other you have Billy Crudup?  Why would anyone ever side with Billy Crudup? 

My only disappointment with William is that he kisses a passed out Penny Lane, which is kind of slimy, but I guess its innocent enough.  After all, he did proclaim, "Now to go, where every man has gone before" before he kissed her, and it's not like he coped a feel or anything. 

What's greatest about this movie, after viewing for the umpteenth time was not noticing that Jimmy Fallon is in it, which was noticed for me probably around the 6th or 7th time, but seeing that none other than Dwight fucking Shrute is one of the Rolling Stone employees.  I love that guy. 

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