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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Raising Arizona Coen

The Coen Brothers have now been making great movies for what will soon be a 4th decade as soon as they have a movie that comes out after 2010. Maybe Kubrick accomplished that and certainly Martin Scorsese has, but neither with as much diversity. Scorsese proved he can make a great movie that involves crime and Kubrick proved he could take any subject and make it perverted and freaky, but shot really really well. If you look at the list of Coen Bros movies, you see that they've had different moments when they collected new waves of fans. Here's the list:

Blood Simple – maybe their least popular movie, but it was their first, so what do you want?

Raising Arizona – Here's the one I should be talking about now. I could say this was their breakthrough because the cult following this movie has is huge. It's a great movie but before my time as an avid film fan, so other than being just a great Coen Bros. movie, it's hard for me to like it as much as the others in the Big Six aside from maybe …

Miller's Crossing ­– For those who don't know, the Big Six isn't some college basketball tournament in Philadelphia. No, its Arizona, Miller's Crossing, Fargo, Lebowski, O Brother, and No Country

Barton Fink – I'm doing this order or release from memory right now, which means I'm likely to muck this up.

Hudsucker Proxy – I didn't include this or Fink in my project, but both fine films. I only did the Big Six for the Coen Bros, after all, couldn't they all be included?

Fargo – This one created a whole new wave of fans and critics alike. This is the first time they really made a lot of noise at the Oscars, but that was because they were sucking up the last drops of soda through a straw during the montage of all the people in the movie business who died in 1996.

The Big Lebowski – Saying this movie gave them a devoted following is like saying Bush's Presidency made legions of Middle Eastern youth turn to Al-Qaeda. This is where I come in … not with Al-Qaeda of course … but have been meaning to grow a beard.

O Brother, Where art Thou? – This is the movie that made George Clooney. He was no longer the worst Batman since Adam West, he became a real actor now. He owes his career to the Coen Brothers in a way similar to Samuel L. Jackson owing his to Tarantino. Not quite as much as Travolta though, but I'll probably get to that at a later time.

The Man Who Wasn't There ­– Their first Black and White. Haven't seen this one in awhile, I'm probably due.

Intolerable Cruelty – This movie and

The Lady Killers ­– are probably the two movies they receive the most abuse for. They're both great though, just not Coen Brothers great.

No Country For Old Men – maybe their finest, and def. a good rebound from the two critics don't like too much. Again, a whole new time when people had to look at the brothers and say, wow, maybe they are the best.

Burn After Reading ­­- People either love it or hate it. I'm on the love side, but that's always been my better side.

A Serious Man ­– Haven't seen this one yet. It's on my list.

Hail Caesar! – Don't know if this movie will ever come out, but I've been excited for it like mullet-headed burnouts were for Chinese Democracy.

I guess I'm not going to get into my recurring themes in Coen Brother movies today.

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