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Friday, January 22, 2010

Libertarians to the Future!

It's quite creepy watching Back to the Future and seeing Michael J. Fox's hand disappear now that he has Parkinson's disease. It's god awful. It may not suck all the fun out of this movie, but it definitely takes away from the Chuck Berry scene moments after his hand reappears. Some movies age well, some don’t, and some, you never know what's going to happen, like watching The Naked Gun just so you can see OJ Simpson.

The irony of Michael J. Fox though is this. Alex P. Keaton probably would have been against stem cell research because he was a Republican. Alex P. Keaton would have been against abortion, universal heath care, but for attacking Iraq for oil and of course a proud gun toting member of the NRA. He'd watch FOX News every chance he got and probably get his wang dang doodle touched by men in Minneapolis-area airports. His car would have bumper stickers that said things like, "After 4 Years of Barack Obama, All You'll Have Left is Change!" and "Palin in 2012" (Really, I'm only shivering right now because it's freezing in our office. It will never happen. Trust me). Alex wouldn't believe in evolution and would scratch, claw, and cut his way though the line to push the Christian agenda. Thse are the things that "being republican" has come to mean in America in 2010 and now that I'm reviewing it, Alex wouldn't be a Republican at all. He'd be a Libertarian.

Like all the sane republicans, he wouldn't care about the senseless polarizing religious issues, or supporting style over substance like Nailin' Palin, because we all know the only thing Alex P. Keaton ever cared about was his money. He once made future bad citizen Andy Keaton where a shirt that read, "I know what's mine!" on his first day of kindergarten. Being a republican isn't all about getting the government out of your pocket anymore because of all the religious bullshit. The old party platform is basically the same as the Libertarian platform, though the permanent change will never happen because the smart republicans who have converted don't have enough balls to vote that way (probably because they'd lose every time). Looking back at Alex P. Keaton, he'd probably support things like stem cell research if there was a profit to be had. That's what republicans used to be about. Alex P. Keaton of yesteryear sheds a tear for Michael J. Fox today.

If we could find a way to divide the demi-crats in two like we have the Republicans so we'd have a 4 party system, that would be great for Americans. AHHH POLITICS ON THE BLOG!!!! I'll stop.

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  1. Nice interpretations about movies and politics. Keep it up.