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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kernel Taylor's Guyd Tuh Scorin Heht Chicks! Guy

Rather than discuss the intricacies of life's battle theme between man and machine through a classic film such as The Terminator, I'm going to take one scene from it, and apply to the old adage, that "romantic love was invented to manipulate women." Maybe that's not an old adage, but in college, I took this bad ass WORD IMAGE BOOK SCREEN class, and there was this book called "Truisms" I believe by Barbara Krueger that had this quote and it's stuck with me ever since. Seeing that class was, gosh, late 1996, early 1997, enough time has passed for my reference to not be accurate. I even just wiki'd it, and nothing. I found some artist or something, who wrote a couple books, but I don't think she's one in the same. Maybe this was some chick my teacher was bangin' on the side, who knows.

Something I notice what happens in film all the time is that god awful slow down scene. A man and a woman, who are going through some pretty dramatic shit, in this case being chased by a Terminating Arnold Schwarzenegger, have a little bit of down time and it's "romance the woman" time. A man does this by telling some dramatic story of his past, something like a parent dying, or a time he almost died than lo and behold, something similar happened to the woman, and because the two share a tragic upbringing, it must be love! I've never tried this, so I'm not going to say it works on women, but something tells me it does. So my advice to fellas is this, make up some BS story about something that was very damaging to you as a child but also made you a better person, share that with a woman over a cocktail at the quiet part of the party. If something similar happened to her, it must be true love and you'll probably get "we shared a dramatic moment of our past" sex, which I imagine is pretty good.

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