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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Ghostbusters Are Nerds (Except the Black One)

I noticed this first when I was watching American Graffiti, and now that I've re-watched Ghostbusters for about the one millionth time and this is the perfect movie to discuss nerds, here's the conversation, why is it, every time there's a nerd in a movie, he always gets to make out with some hot chick. Ghostbusters is probably the best example, because pretty much every male in the movie is a nerd, well, except for the black Ghostbuster, but he's really just the driver.

You start out with the three main Ghostbusters, Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, and Harold Ramis. Ramis, whom maybe the best movie comedy writer ever, is a definite nerd; Akroyd doesn't really look like a nerd, but the way he gets excited over little things, like sliding down the fire pole is a nerd-like tendency; and Murray, well, he's your "cool" nerd. On top of all of this, you have Rick Moranis, who's the Godfather of Nerds, and that's the nerd I want to break down because he's ultimately paired up with Sigourney Weaver.

This match is perfect to not only illustrate Hollywood's fascination for giving nerds hope, but also the affects of alcohol on women. Sure Sigourney never gets drunk, but when she's a normal New York air breathing American, she wants nothing to do with Rick Moranis. As soon as she gets possessed, which I'm using as a metaphor for being drunk, she turns into this fiery hot slut that's way sexier and promiscuous than her normal self would ever be, especially with that levitating over the bed trick. Just imagine the possibilities. Naturally, this change in her attitude makes her want nothing more than to screw around with Rick Moranis.

I've always seen Hollywood's nerd obsession something comparable to someone who can communicate with the dead in order to tell the deceased's loved ones thoughts from the beyond the grave to give that surviving family false hope. The only time real nerds are going to get the hot girl is much later in life when they've become very successful computer programmers, but by then, they've gone through enough shit in life and realize themselves they want a girl with personality, not some broad with a rockin' bod that's losing her looks because age is catching up with her. Age doesn't cripple personality the way it cripples looks. That's the nerds ultimate victory right there.

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