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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Letting the Jedi Return So I Can Put Lucas To Bed

It's a right of passage for someone who loves film to write pieces bitching about how George Lucas ruined the original trilogy, not only with The Phantom Menace 3-pack, but digitally adding monsters to the classics as well. Where A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back remained mostly unscathed, Return of the Jedi takes a beating. We really should have known that it was all over with things like Ewoks, a belching Sarlacc and whatever the hell was going on with all those characters in Jabba's Palace. Adding to all of that and what I consider the worst decision in film history, is that whole song and dance routine with the female lip monster that's added to the palace sequence. Why George Why?

If the prequels never came out, we probably never would have seen all of Jedi's original flaws. Back in the day, it was ok for Lando to understand Nien Nunb's alien gibberish and respond with, "What? The hyper drive isn't working?" Now that there are so many other flaws though, this just becomes something else that looks extraordinarily goofy. The first two were so successful because the human communicating with non-human instances were minimal compared to what begins to happen in Jedi. Han Solo and Chewbacca interaction was somehow really cool at first, but by Jedi, the more and more stuff like that happened, it brought everything down, rendering what was once commonly known as "The Trilogy" more comparable to The Godfather series because 1 and 2 may be great movies, but no one cares about 3.

Also, the death of Darth Vader now that you know it's Hayden Christiansen dying is also less important. As a child, I remember that scene with Luke in the Death Star being so emotional. Now that I know it's Hayden dying, it's almost a good thing. Though it never happens, picturing an emotional scene between an aging Hayden Christiansen and a young Mark Hamyl seems like a Saturday Night Live sketch. On top of that, Luke not taking off all of Vader's robot gear at the Ewok party would have ruined the whole party. All that burning plastic and metal would have smelled horrible and the fumes would have been toxic. What all this does, is make that last emotional sequence, with the ghosts of OB1, Yoda and Annakin useless. George Lucas really should have ended it with Empire, and then turned the rights over to Peter Jackson, so he could make Return of the Jedi right about 2005. That would have been bad ass.

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