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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Big Chill of Jeff Goldblum

Hmm, I could talk about bad days and talk about losing a loved one, OR, I could talk about a rocking soundtrack. Or maybe I could talk about Jeff Goldblum, and just how awkward he is and how it amazes me that he's had a very successful career as an actor? For example, these are things that I bet have never been said in Hollywood:

  • "I'm such a huge Jeff Goldblum fan!"
  • "You know what's going to make this movie better, Jeff Goldblum."
  • "I'm only going to green light this picture if you get Jeff Goldblum."
  • "You know who would make this love story more interesting, is Jeff Goldblum."
  • "Who should we nominate for best actor? The last spot is between Daniel Day Lewis, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Jeff Goldblum?"

Yet, despite all of that, he keeps getting chased by dinosaurs, turns into a fly at one point, teams up with the Fresh Prince to save the world from aliens, and actually is perfect as a journalist for The Big Chill. Every actor in the movie is good, and they all figure out a way to deal with Jeff Goldblum. I guess the things that are said in Hollywood are:

  • "So we have this woman trying to get pregnant, and she'll do it with just about anyone, but we need one person for her to say no to, and I think Jeff Goldblum is perfect for that role."
  • "When Robert DeNiro needs to go take a piss during the awards ceremony, do you think we can get Jeff Goldblum to fill his seat?"
  • "Jeff Goldblum as Tyler Derden? Sorry, can't green light that one."
  • "Jeff Goldblum is in it? You need to see that one on your own baby."
  • "We can't get Keanu Reeves for this one? I guess we'll have to settle for Jeff Goldblum."

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  1. Jeff Goldblum is successful because he fills a niche. And that niche is the Jeff Goldblum character niche. He's like Christopher Lloyd, they play themselves instead of act.

    And hey, he plays a good geeky guy. I think Jeff needs to expand out and play someone who goes on a psychotic murderous rampage. But done well, like by Tarantino and shit.