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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let's End the Decade with ... DEAD CELEBRITIES!!!

My last few posts here of the AUGHTS (not sick of it for the time being, and I only have like 9 more days to use it ... and here's the reason why there's a generation of us who use the word "like" as an adjective ... It basically gives us room for error. If I state something without using "like" in front of it, there's room for mathematical error and some nerdlinger to say YOU'RE WRONG! With it, there's some kind of range. In this instance probably something like 8-12 days).

Anyways, even CNN knows it was the year of the dead celebrity, and as us younger people who grew up in the CNN age with access to more information on celebrities than any generation before us, I can only imagine, like Al Gore explaining with graphs the reasons for global warming, this is merely this first year in which we notice the trend (like Aught 4 with the Hurricanes), but the year of the dead celebrity will be something we can enjoy every year as it will become better every year. That being said, here's my first ever ... Top 10 Best Celebrity Deaths of the Year! Happy Xmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan and Merry New Year Everyone!!!

And of course, why keep it at 10.

14. Karl Malden

Sure, it may have been an unexciting death, like a grandparent who's time has passed, but K-Mal deserves mucho respecto. The Supporting Actor role is a very important part of the film process, something that was perfected by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Steve Buscemi and William H. Macy in the 90s. Granted, those are great actors, but Karl Malden was the pioneer of the great supporting actor. His two best roles are what turned A movies into A+ movies. His performances in On the Waterfront and A Streetcar Named Desire are supporting roles actors can only dream of today. He made a fantastic Father Berry, but that role could be extended into Father of the Supporting Actor.

That's another thing. One day, someone is going to have to explain the whole "Godfather of ... Father of ... Grandfather of ..." I've never understood how that worked, and I know there's reason behind it.

13. Les Paul

You know when you've created a guitar, that's probably the best guitar out there, you carry the same wallet as Jules Verne. Again, old people die and he made it into his 90s, and seriously, unless you want to become part of that freak Guinness Book of World Records crowd, there's no reason to live 100 years, well aside from how bad ass it would be to say you've lived a century, because that's pretty bad ass. What come back does someone have for, "I'm 100 years old bitch! I do what I want!!" You can't argue with that.

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