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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bad Career Decisions: Breaking the Sound Barrier

In the first part of The Right Stuff, if boredom doesn't put you to sleep, you're "treated" to a bunch of guys who are trying to break the sound barrier. Though I understand man's quest for the need for speed, it just seems like such a poor career decision. Pretty much every plane in this era was destined to explode upon hitting Mach 1. These guys knew they were basically just going on these suicidal missions, and women married them anyway.

This leads me to believe that one of the falsest theories out their, is that women marry wanting a sense of security. These women know that it's pretty much their husband's quest to die while trying to break a new mark for speed. Even when things go well, and they break the record, land safely, have awesome, "I just went faster than any other man has gone before!" sex, the very next thing the guy is going to want to do, is go faster. Why? Speed is infinite. You can always go faster and it was the destiny of these pilots to do so until there was only one ending. Death. You don't just hang up your wings one day and say, "I've gone as fast as I need to go." No, this is daredevil mentality here. It's death or faster. I'll take my comfy 9-5 and barbecues thanks.

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