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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Top Songs of the Aughts (35-31)

35. Last Night - The Strokes

This was one of about 4 or 5 incredible songs off an incredible album. It is also their biggest hit. It's another one of those perfect rock songs.

34. NYC - Interpol

Ultimately, Interpol will always be remembered by me as the band who's photo op I despised so immensely, that I wrote a letter (email) to Pitchfork saying I wanted to punch the lead singer in the face, and got it published. That was awesome. This is a great song though.

33. The Race is On Again - Yo La Tengo

No other modern band can even dream of capturing that 60s sound the way this band does. The reason they do it so well is they're not intending to. Seriously. This band is from New Jersey and they sound like they're from sunny California in the 60s. That's almost a witnessed miracle.

32. Bamboo Banga - MIA

MIA made my list 3 times, and I probably could've justified her making it about 10 times. She has so many great songs.

31. Inaudible Melodies - Jack Johnson

HIPPIE JAM BAND ALERT! HIPPIE JAM BAND ALERT!!! Okay, so he may not be in a jam band, but c'mon, same shit. This is the highest any music of this genre will reach on my countdown, so if you were waiting for that new Widespread Panic song, it's not happening.

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