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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Top Songs of the Aughts (30-26)

30. Jurass Finish First - Jurassic Five

Thank god for them and Blackalicious. They kept rap alive for those of us who hate what's happened to the genre.

29. Gone For Good - The Shins

This one ranks so high because it became one of my favorite songs to play on guitar.

28. Cum On Feel the Illinoise! - Sufjan Stevens

My favorite song on a tremendously great album. Some songs are way too good, or not very acousticy to learn on guitar, and this is one, but hell, that's what "Chicago" and "John Wayne Gacy Jr." are for.

27. One Big Holiday - My Morning Jacket

Considering all the circumstances, be it the opener at Langerado while waiting to pee, or the countless times O and I tried playing this one on our acoustics or electrics, this should probably be #1. I didn't rank it too high though, maybe because it's nearly impossible for me to listen to because I've heard it a million times, or maybe because it doesn't sound so awesome on the album.

26. Without Me - Eminem

If you go back to recordings of all the Toast shows, you can probably hear me playing this bass line during each and every one of them since the night I learned it, which was the fantastic time at the Rare Olive. You know how some bands are meant for some bars? Well, this was the exact opposite.

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