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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Top Songs of the Aughts (25-21)

25. Houseclouds - Liars

Somehow I get them confused with TV on the Radio even though they really sound nothing alike. I guess what it is their studio wizardry. This song is a classic.

24. Paper Planes - MIA

It's nice have an MIA song that was probably downgraded because it was overplayed. People who don't like her, love this song, and maybe that's just because it's played one the previews of a stoner movie, or is basically just a stoner song. Either way, great flippin' tune.

23. Wordless Chorus - My Morning Jacket

I never really give this song the credit it deserves. The fact of the matter is this, when I threw on Z for my first time, and heard this song, music had changed. I didn't know a song could be this cool. Somehow it gets overshadowed by many of their other songs, but it's really one of their best, if not their best.

22. Muzzle of Bees - Wilco

Don't wanna get gay with kids here, but hearing this song played at a friends waiting was fantastic to the point it catapulted what was a great song, into one of the best songs of the decade.

21. Bananas and Blow - Ween

When I first met my current group of friends, and many of them were still drowning in DMB, it was this song, along with Beck's "Tropicali" that remind me of the Coolidge house, thee, compound before the compound if you will. Coolidge memories are bad ass, and I know there's only a handful of us Tampa folk who still have them.

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