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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Best Rock Bands of The Aughts

Now that my album list is done, and it contained many other lists in it, and the best song list has is questionable at best, here we go with ...

The Top 10 Best Rock Bands of the Aughts ...

10. Wilco

Positives ... they released a few great albums, with many many great songs, and they're great at performing live

Negatives ... not really sure if Alt-country band counts enough for the ROCK category. I guess it counts enough for #10.

9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Positives ... Fever to Tell really freaking rocked to the point Karen O was even a little scary

Negatives ... they are starting to wane from rock music and becoming some post dramatic stress disorder 80s thing (though I dig their funky chicken man).

8. The Black Keys

Positives ... Attack and Release effing rocks man, and they have so many more albums that came out this decade

Negatives ... I haven't really heard any of those albums

7. Built to Spill

Positives ... You in Reverse really rocks like they've never rocked before

Negatives ... aside from that, they're a little too sullen to be a real rock band.

6. The Strokes

Positives ... They pretty much made rock cool again in the early aughts

Negatives ... it's over already and they're a little bit douchey

5. Spoon

Positives ... I cannot emphasize enough how great of a pure rock band this is

Negatives ... I don't think I've ever said the phrase, "Man, Spoon fucking rocks!"

4. The Flaming Lips

Positives ... embody everything about rock'n roll, and still keep it edgy

Negatives ... maybe not rock enough

3. The White Stripes

Positives ... Jack White rocked the Aughts more so than anyone else

Negatives ... Meg White did not

2. My Morning Jacket

Positives ... If Evil Urges wasn't their ode to DMB and ladies everywhere, they would've been #1

Negatives ... Yim Yames is targeting women with his music now, and that sucks. I NEED GUITAR SOLOS!!!!

1. Modest Mouse

Positives ... Let's see, they fucking rock, they have great lyrics, were awesome live and Isaac even stabbed himself on stage

Negatives ... Kids Bop

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