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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Start blaring the DMB, Sublime and 311 because it's time to talk about fraternities!!!

I don't want to waste too much of my time on this, but I'm going to discuss two relatively good Frat movies, Animal House and Old School. A reason why most of my friends are my friends isn't necessarily because they're non-conformists, but because they definitely never had to pay for friends in there entire life. Americans for some reason lack so much personal identity that they feel the need to belong to organizations of people who are very similar to them, be it Fraternity, religion, Deadhead, Red Sox Nation, Republican or AA member. There's so much discomfort within, that by joining one of these organizations, it may help establish identity while one starts to not question their alternative beliefs within said organization. Those who do question, form their own less organized groups, like cults, Hipsters, and Socially Liberal Fiscally Republican cocknockers (side note here: Spell check doesn't accept this word, however, it recommends I change it to cocksuckers among other things) who emit that, "You know I'm right" stench every time they say that's what they are. "I make both sides happy!" meh.

Some of my friends fall into some of these categories, most don't. Most of my friends go on about their lives making their own decisions independently of the what the norms of American life dictate. Maybe they read a clever book. Maybe Mr. X is going to do something, so Mr. Y follows. There are reasons for these decisions somewhere, but one thing is certain, they're all not going to wear the same shirt with Greek letters on it. They're not going to stick red or blue bandannas out of their back pocket. They won't all wear Tye-dyes. It's this unintentional non-conformity that makes them all unique, which is probably redundant somehow, but needs to be said.

Now for the movie comparison. Pretty much all of these friends like the two movies which are allegedly about fraternities. What makes these two movies so great though, is they're really AGAINST frats. The main fraternity in each movie, is the individualistic one that has to deal with the annoying meatheaded-shitsack ones and not to mention lousy deans who bleed administration and conformity. John Belushi's fraternity is non-conformism! Will Ferrell's fraternity is too! It's great. What's even better is Frat Guy Nation loves these movies! They don't realize they're the joke! I love Frat Guy, really, I do. You know what my greatest fear in life is? The Backwards capped, Pi Kappa Phi listening to Dave Matthews while cheering on the Red Sox and discussing the pros and cons of the Dubya presidency without listing any of the cons.

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