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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Failed to Make the Cut - Peaches

I don't know what my decade would have been without the electro-trash music of Peaches. She released a whopping FOUR albums (four?). And ya know what, their may have even been thee ol' fivo is she snuck one in before her masterpiece The Teaches of Peaches.

Obviously it wasn't a masterpiece because it didn't make my countdown here, but her collective works, or maybe her greatest hits would probably rival any other artist that came out in the Aughts.

I write about her now because as I was writing about CYHSY, one of the songs from her newest album came on, and even though she's lost her sleaze and wants to be taken a bit more seriously now, there's a reason. What she's doing is the best shit she's done yet, it's just not about pitching tents in yo' pants, or takin ya downtown, or lovertits. She's finally trying to be a real musician, and she may have the talent.

After all, of all the gay little Michael Moore propaganda movies, the cute little countdowns of Keith Olberman, unactivist songs of the Beastie Boys, or random slams of Kanye West, nobody had a better protest of Bush in the Aughts than Peaches.

Let's face it, we all want tush. If I'm wrong, Impeach my Bush!

Top that Jon Stewart and Al Franken!

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