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Thursday, October 29, 2009

32. Give Up - The Postal Service

This album may die a little more every year, but doesn't Look What the Cat Dragged In suffer the same fate? Sure, they may both be a triple shy of the cycle, but they will always have the memories. Aside from the initial glee I felt when I first heard this album, I'll never forget it as it served as the backdrop for the days leading up to a great wedding. When you're having a bloody mary on the way to the AM rehearsal ... good times. When friends from all over the state keep coming in town a few hours after the next ... good times. When you're standing in the chow line ... you know the drill.

Funny how this will be the only time Ben Gibbard will make my countdown.

Come spend some time love
Come spend some time with me

Another note that needs to be said about this project was that the U.S. Postal Service sued Jimmy Tamborello (only time his name will be mentioned) and Ben Gibbard for trademark infringement. This basically ended the band. Sure, they could've come up with another name, but ya know they had the following conversation:

Ben Gibbard: Man, I had a great time doing this. We should wait a couple years and do another!

Tamborello: Yeah man. It's great for me to have a chance to do songs that people like other than myself.

(2 years later)

Gibbard: Hey man, I got some lyrics about the things in my refrigerator, are you ready for the next album?

Tamborello: I guess man, but did you hear we lost the trademark battle with the United States Postal Service over the name?

Gibbard: Drag.

Tamborello: Yeah man.

Gibbard: Should we call ourselves FEDEX?

Tamborello: It's been real Ben.

Gibbard: Yeah man.

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