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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

38. In Rainbows - Radiohead

It seems imperative that when discussing this album, you don't discuss the music, but talk about the way in which it was released, which was basically, it's yours for free if you want it that way. It must be nice for a band to be able to afford to "have the balls" to do that. I like that they did it, don't get me wrong. It's a welcome change from the whole Metallica, "We need more ivory back scratchers" attitude, but Radiohead doesn't need to rely on album sales anymore at this point in their career. There's no way they would've been that ballsy with The Bends, and musically, they were much more ballsy on The Bends.

I didn't like Hail to the Thief, because a) it doesn't really have that overall theme that their albums generally have and b) it didn't really do anything they haven't done before. Though this one is hardly revolutionary in terms of music, it at least has a cool flow and theme to it, so points for that. Let's keep it real though, Radiohead is past their prime. It was a fun ride, that I completely missed.

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