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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Genuine Class of Alec Guiness

Lawrence of Arabia, British Beatle Mania

Yes, it's impossible for me to say "Lawrence of Arabia" without following it with "British Beatle Mania" because of that way too catcy Billy Joel history lesson of a song. For the sake of writing though, I'll limit it to that one time, but keep in mind, that every time I say it, the song is getting in my head. THAT'S a pop song.

Arabia interested me because well, it's one of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time, so I didn't need much more convincing, even though the movie lasts forever. I was worried that I'd be stuck watching a movie where people are basically just wandering around a desert for a few hours, and not surprisingly, that's exactly what I got. The only thing probably more boring than a desert setting, would probably be either the moon, or Antarctica, though the moon would be outer space and Antarctica seems kind of cool for some reason.

Despite all of this, the movie turns out great, but there's a quiet factor that makes it great, and that's the skills of Alec Guiness. He's just so soothing. It's probably because as a young boy, he becomes your spiritual guide in Star Wars, but seeing him in other movies as an adult, I can just sit back and know the movie is in good hands because OB1 will keep things under control. He's kind of like the 60s/70s version of Morgan Freeman.

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