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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Best Movie Staircase Scenes of All-Time

In my little journey here, of trying to watch all these "classic" movies, this is the first old one I came across that had actual "trippy" scenes, aside of course that wonderful scene in The Lost Weekend where the alchy starts seeing pests.  I still just don't see alcohol doing that, but many have told me otherwise so that means I can just sit back and be glad it's never been that bad.  

Most importantly here though, I'm talking about the staircase scene, which is indeed a classic.  Combine that with another first, the first time I cared about a movie's score, and I have found a movie I loved. It's 1958, and I was always mistaken that Kubrick was the first director that really started changing it up.  Especially "Trippiness."   2001: A Space Odyssey and A Clockwork Orange are still a decade away, shit, even hippies don't exist yet, and here's Hitchcock realizing the importance of visuals.  

I can't believe where I'm going here, but I believe it's do-able, in a semi-attractive girl with no personality at 2 am sort of way, but ...

DUH! DUH! DUH! (In honor of the late Dom DeLuise)

The Top 5 Staircase Scenes in Cinema History.  

See this is what it's all about.

5.  The Shining

I can't believe that not only am I doing this list, but I had to make cuts.  Cuts included ... Jacob's Ladder (mostly because I've never seen it and all I know about it is a staircase scene I saw in the previews); The Dark Knight; Psycho and Gone With the Wind.

Who can not only forget Jack getting whacked with the baseball bat, but the whole "Gimme the bat!  Gimme the bat!"  What a scene.  It's no wonder this flick is either the best or second best horror movie of all time.

4.  American Psycho

Even though I'm not a great fan of this movie, it's pretty much impossible to forget a mad man chucking a chainsaw down roundabout stairs and hitting his target.  

3.   The Exorcist

What's funny about this one, is I'm not even sure if the scene is in the original movie, or that newer version where they added more scenes.  It doesn't matter because crimminy, if a little girl ever walks on the stairs on all fours, head and body inverted while I'm hosting a party ... that's it for me.  

2.  The Fellowship of the Ring

I'm going to do this without using nerdy Lord of the Rings talk, or atleast try.  When all those dudes are in those caves and everything starts falling apart, that staircase scene will probably always go unrivaled, that is aside from the master.

1.  Vertigo

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