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Monday, February 9, 2009

Cool Things Bogart Does In The Maltese Falcon And Their Modern Day Equivalent

The Maltese Falcon came out in 1940, and Bogart (or more likely his character) is already gangsta. The only Bogart movie I had ever seen until I saw this was, "Casablanca" which I always thought was overrated. Bogart in nails in this one, and here's why:

Bogartism #1

When a woman asks him what more can she give him than money, he kisses her forcefully. Basically, Bogart said, “I’ll make you my ho bitch!”

Only one of those pimps could get away with a move like this, or maybe DeNiro or Pacino before their careers fell apart. I can't see G-Cloon doing this, or Brad Pitt, or hell, even Borat. It's incredible that in 1940, a man could get away with this in a major motion picture, of course, this is pretty much before the modern feminism movement and civil rights in general didn't come until the 1960s, so maybe I shouldn't be too surprised. See, sometimes enlightenment isn't all bad. Imagine Patrick Swayze (RIP), dropping something like that in "Dirty Dancing?" If something like that happened, I may have watched that movie (read: I still wouldn't).

Bogartism #2

When a cop said something stupid, he smacked the air in front of his face as a way of saying, “get outta here, that’s nonsense.”

I need to try this one. Sure, it'd probably lead to fisticuffs, but just think about how much nonsense you hear in an average day and instead of having to either be cordial, or even explain someone else's idiocy, you just smack the air in front of their face. No contact, no foul.

The modern day equivalent here, would be Ice Cube, getting pulled over by a black and white cop, and then the black cop gets extra rough with him to impress the white guy. If he pulled this maneuver, it could be his way of saying, "Black police showin' out for the white cop!" Of course, we'd never want that line removed from that song, so maybe it's good Cube didn't think of this in his youth.

Bogartism #3

Bogart says to a guy who just got smacked by a woman, “If you get smacked, you’re going to get smacked and take it”, then proceeded to smack him several times.

I'm going to go Titanic here, and I don't mean crash and sink. Not to side with the Phantom or anything, but instead of using other people to frame Leonardo DiCrapio, he should've just given him a beat down like this, problem is, Kate Winslett would've had to smack the Phantom, and then Leonarda would've had to jump on top him and supply the beat down, which seems even less likely. If he beat the crap out of Ben on an episode of "Growing Pains" though, he could've probably led that show to a resurgence, instead of being part of the final chapter.

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