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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Citizen Kanye: Best Movie Ever?

Short answer no with a but, long answer still no with a why. Yes, I just put Kanye in the title because I bet more people know him than Chucky Kane. That, they're both entirely overrated, but not without merit. The Hippies said it best about Kanye at Bonnarroo 2008 (side note here: I initially wrote Gasparilla here, so you know where my mind's at), but no one's ever said it well about C-Kane, so I'm going to at least say something, and whammy, here it is:

My theory as to why this is hailed as the greatest movie ever, by thee American Film Institute at least, is because well, it’s writers loving a movie that’s about writing. The backdrop of this movie is Journalism. Sure there’s vast sums of money, adultery, and there's the scene where he and his wife go back and forth at dinner as time keeps passing on that's incredible, but the thought of media controlling the masses prevails over everything. Writers gushing about the effects of journalism. What a surprise.

Sure, there are movies with better stories, better acting, directed better, produced better, but yellow journalism controls what people think!!!! YEY! I'M A WRITER AND THIS MOVIE IS ABOUT HOW SHITTY KANE CONTROLLED NEWSPAPERS MANIPULATED THE MASSES WITH SIMPLE HEADLINES!!! YEY!

Ok, so this may be partly true, but not true enough to make this the best movie ever. That still has to be the Godfather, but that's another conversation entirely. Maybe I need to read a king's dissertation as to what makes this so good. Maybe I had to be alive in 1940 when it came out. Maybe coming off the heels as such powerhouses like Gone With the Wind and Wizard of Oz, men were so excited to have a male lead make a good movie ... I have no idea.

If you tell me it's about the sled being the symbol of lost youth and innocence or anything like that, well, I'd liken that to someone shouting out "WEED" on Family Feud when the question is "Something People do for Leisure". It's Vin Diesel, baby, triple XXX.

(how horrible was that, I will never reference Vin Diesel again)

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