I swear i'll be writing more in 2014

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

random verse

Ain't never was, no sweet dreamy boy
polluting myself, with pop culture's noise
if it's not that, it's the booze, remorse and repeat
happy to feel lonely again, emotion is a feat
but there's no more idealism on my path to wisdom
yet I consult God in my quest to my find my soul
there's fate, and destiny in between cheating on my right hand
I'm slammed with sarcasm and junk food out of control

Here's what's going to happen next
It's exactly what you'd expect
a visit, a letter, a call, email or text
no worries, we'll just keep heading west

But I ain't leaving this armpit, despite the mess
Crawling out ain't easy, even 6 feet under is less
the levees are patched for now, the bridges are sound
but it's the worn one, on top of the mountain, that i gotta get around

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