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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Love and Dwarfs ... the Story of Snow White

First of all, how old is Snow White? Some prince has just “gone sassy” on her, so I’m guessing she has to be 18 right? Then again, this movie is from the late 30s, and people already had babies by then so who knows. What I learned in another old movie, back in day, when a guy falls for a woman, he's "gone sassy" which is the greatest expression ever. It's perfect too, because as you age, and your friends mate up with the people they love and they really do go sassy to a degree. Still being single may suck, but it leads me the freedom to say this, every one of my married male friends has "gone sassy." That's it. That's all I get.

"Yo man, you wanna watch the game?" Instead of coming up with some bullshit reason as to why not, it'd be nice if the friend just said, "Can't, gone sassy."

Back to Snow White. This queen is pissed, and this proves everything. You get older, bitterness sets in when you're alone. That's the trap, it sucks. Lonely people start to get bitter, which leads to them becoming more sour people, leading to the people that do hang out with them, wanting to hang out with them less ... more loneliness ... more bitterness ... it's a god awful cycle. The difficulty of finding love is quite an important task in life and puts so much pressure on you, especially when you think of the loneliness/bitterness cycle. I guess the trick is to see love in other things, and focus on that, more so than worrying about it happening to you. Why am I talking about this? See, this movie is about how women have to cope with aging, knowing they’re losing their looks, and some young pretty girl comes along, and it makes them bitter. She wants her heart. Sounds about right for an aging bitter woman. Can you really blame the queen? She could've been a great cougar.

Old Disney movie's have a way of cleansing you, making you feel all innocent and pure, which I kinda like. I wonder, of all the girls I have dated, how many of them I could have watched this with. I bet women who love this movie are more trustworthy than those who don’t. How's that for a barometer, measuring a woman's trustworthiness by her taste in Disney classics? Yes, I'm still single.

Also, all the dwarfs “go sassy” for Snow White, except for Grumpy of course. They’re all washing their hands for dinner all of a sudden. You know these dwarfs haven't had to wash their hands after mining in quite some time, but Snow White comes along, and whammy. What symbolism. The worst part of it all is I'm relating to Grumpy the most. I get him, I get his shtick. Maybe Grumpy needs to hook up with the queen. Sure, it's probably sad that I'm relating to Grumpy the most, but this is good for me, realizing this. C'est dommage. I guess I have to be more of a "Happy" from here on in. Whaaaaaaaaaa.

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