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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Top of the 3rd and Beyond

Okay, for the moment, I've decided against watching the Office. I missed the series premiere, and I missed last week, so I may as well keep the streak going. Hell, it's only a TV show.

Is the whole Red Sox empire built on the fact that they're allowed facial hair and the Yankees aren't?

I guess BJ Upton is good. We've been giving him a really hard time here in Tampa because he's the closest thing our team has to a primadonna. But what's a primadonna ... Cyndi Lauper? Buh dm tsh.

PENA PENA PENA ... 4-0 Tampa Bay.

It's time to start breaking down the World Series. We're playing Philadelphia!!!!

Joe Jurivicius ...

Ruslan Fedentenko ...

What's great about Tampa, is every time we win a championship, we always get the pleasure of beating Philadelphia on the way.



Maybe Evan Longoria is the best player in the history of man-kind.

I would say the Sox are the John McCain of this series, well, except for the fact if the Sox saw Viet Cong coming, they probably wouldn't get captured ... atleast not Pedroia and Ellsbury, those fuckers are fast.

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