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Thursday, October 16, 2008

yeah, the wine is winning ... kinda like the rays

It's only the 3rd freakin' inning.

Something I don't like about sports is the Sox fans are booing David Ortiz. Without him, they're still booing Bill Buckner. I don't wanna single out the Sox, because Yanks fans have booed Jeter and one day, after the Rays win 10 rings in a row, they would probably boo Evan LONGoria if he slumped. Sports fans are idiots though, seriously.

I really need to start making my tacos. It's looking like my estimated time for dinner is now 10:00. I will have dreams of mice eating eachother's brains tonight. Speaking of which, did anyone see South Park last night? I believe they're in Season 12 right now, and it's still funny. Sure SP doesn't have the depth as the Simpsons, but the Simpsons starts sucking by then though. However, have you noticed in our "HBO Borat Jack-Ass" times, the wholesomeness of the Simpsons is keeping it unique and fresh? It's so rare to see a show that doesn't try to tickle your funny bone that only laughs when something offends you ... okay, I'll stop, but this subject is more important to me than whoever is running against Barack Obama. What's that guys name, that libertarian dude, is it Ron Barr?

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