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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Top of the 2nd and beyond

Mike Lowell!!!

That's the guy. In an ode to Goodfellas, one of my life long dreams is to say, "that's the guy" and then have my buddies stick that guys head in an oven. Not Mike Lowell, I have no quarrel with him.

While there's a lull in this game, let me share something with everyone. Something that happened to me today.

Today, I forwarded an email saying, "(client's name) makes me sick. I can't stand her emails" only instead of forwarding, I hit "reply". Sure enough, my boss called me about 15 minutes later saying that if she bitched to one of our managing attorney's, I'd be fired, but he would do what he can to make sure she didn't do that. For about a few hours today, I wasn't sure if I was going to be fired. Part of me would love it. I hate my job. However, in the long term, not making money can't be good for me, so I guess I'm glad I didn't. Now, every time said client emails me, I get to hang my head in shame.

The Japanese have such a good understanding of shame that Americans need. Shame sucks. It's less comfortable than a nut kicking. A nut kicking will eventually wear off, whereas shame can last forever. I'm rambling, but this is a blog. And I'm not really talking about the game, so if people are reading this and hate baseball, they may be more entertained.

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