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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bottom half of the 1st

Scott Kazmir. He's the one guy who could bring the Sox back in this series.

Coco Crisp. What's wierd is, Coco Crisp isn't even a cereal. There's Cocoa Krispies ... and there's Cookie Crisp ... so apparently his mother wasn't too focused on the sugary cereals.

One of the highlights of this series, is every time he comes up, everyone starts talking about there favorite sugary cereals from their childhood, and if it's possible to walk into a grocery store and by Count Chocula, Frankenberry or Boo Berry. Right now, I'm told you can get Chocula or Frankberry, but not necessarily Boo Berry. I haven't bought cereal in awhile, and when I do, it's usually a healthy one, unless I buy Golden Grahams. Golden Grahams are good.

"Game 2 was the slugfest"

Something tells me Game 5 will be a slugfest too, although Pedroia just grounded out. I hate the Sox, I think Pedroia should be riding Big Brown, but he can play second base for my team any time. That guy is good. Speaking of good Sox, one of the guys I hate, the jewish fella, Kevin Youkilis, has been nails at 3rd filling in for the injured guy. Forget his name. He's good apparently though.

I bet the Sox wish they had Navy instead of Varitek.

Man, Ortiz just went down again. Another Sock I like, as long as he's not winning the game in late innings (which he doesn't do anymore). He, like Beckett, has gotta be hurt. I hope his career isn't over. It's possible. Oh, and he doesn't have ManRam batting after him anymore. That's gotta hurt. If ManRam batted after me, I bet I could hit .050 in the major leagues. That may not sound like much, but I've got a beer belly and haven't swung a baseball bat since K of C beat Kiwanis in the little league championship.

Kaz, got out of the first. I think that's it for the Sox.

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  1. yup, clearly that's it for the sox.

    I love the shots of Francona ripping through piece after piece of double-bubble. Age commented - "remember Big league chew? I could go for some grape big league chew." I never really thought about it until now - but how bizarre is it that gum resembling chewing tobacco was being marketed to kids. Can you even get that stuff today?