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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Doakie oakie, I'm going to try to resurrect this thang.

I'm officially back trying to exercise again. I had a moment of clarity during the My Morning Jacket show that, really, life is a great thing as awful as it can be sometimes, and being out-of-shape isn't going to help anything, and exercising will really enable a more enjoyable life.

The problem with exercise is that it's boring. Even good music gets old after awhile. The reason why it's so much easier for children to stay in shape, is they're constantly around other children, chasing eachother, and growing into sports. Basically, they're competitive and the competition makes it fun.

Well, I'm 33, and I have no one to compete with, except for the most diabolical cartoonish super-villain of them all, The EVIL ZACH TAYLOR, who wants to come home from work, drink beer, play video games and watch TV. The GOOD ZACH TAYLOR wants to come home from work, exercise, write or play guitar, then catch an hour or so of tele before he sleeps. The only way the GOOD ZACH TAYLOR can win, is to beat his previous time that he ran/walked the night before. I have mapped out a 5K course around Davis Island, and I'm timing myself.

Day 1, September 2nd = 47 minutes. A putrid performance. In my defense, I planned on walking the whole course and didn't. I also listened to this pretty weird band named Snowman, who wasn't exactly good work out music.

That's it for now, my dinner is ready.

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