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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 2 ... Evil or Good?

I did it again. The 2nd day is always the easiest. Work kicked me in the balls again. It's beyond ass kickings, and I believe I would much rather be kicked in the ass than the balls, so that's that. I guess the next step is Work Kicked Me in My Heart. That would probably be worse than the balls.

Okay, enough about heartballs. My time today ... was a whopping ... 46 MINUTES!!!! Another putrid performance. I thought I'd do much better the second day. Truth is, I was tired out there.

I listened to the group called The Bug, which is an angry Rasta house madness. I've never liked this genre of music ever, and never planned on liking it. I got hooked with the first song ...

So many things that get me angry and
So many things that get me mad

It's got one of those raucous house beats and it's soooooooo dang catchy. Now the rest of the album has grown on me. You really find something new every time, and this I like. That's it. I wanna get a beer and play guitar.

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