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Monday, January 21, 2008

Rock of Love 2 Power Rankings!!!

Last night's Rock of Love was classic. Anyways, w/o any coffee to accompany this writing experience, let's get right to the rankings.

"Sorry shushee, you've been cut!"

The chick was their on a dare.
The quiet girl.
And this other who's name I can't remember, but I was probably even more shocked than her that the Frenchman beat her.

12. The Frenchman

I don't know how any of the women on this show could possibly kiss Bret Michaels after he makes out with this dude. Wait a minute, they're all skanks? Nevermind.

11. The Old Chick

I don't get it, but when I don't get things, I just assume they're for better ratings.

9 & 10. Jessica and Aubry.

Don't really know too much about them yet.

8. Peyton

Maybe it's because I'm scared of her. You'd think I'd like the chick who can play guitar. In this case? Not.

7. Roxy

I think she's the one who did a fun 80s dance. Good enough for #7 today.

6. Inna

Not sure if that's the correct spelling or not, but she's spirited. Probably wouldn't do her though.

5. Ambre

She seems cleaner than any other girl aside from the germaphobe, but something about her kind of annoys me. Can't put my finger on it yet.

4. Destiney

She lost some momentum this episode because that Kung Fu stuff didn't do it for me. She still has an "E" in her name though, so it's going to be hard for her to fall that far.

3. Daisy

She seems like she may be the most fun. She may be a bit on the skanky side, but sometimes you need some skank in the tank.

2. The Germaphobe

She doesn't belong in this house. Aside from the germaphobe crap, she seems the most uptight too, still she's gorgeous.

1. The Hot Blond Chick.

Didn't do too much in this episode, but still, talking can probably only hurt her.

Lastly, the Rock of Love 2 Checklist:

1. Did any former members of Poison show up? Nope. Nor has the Bret and Jani Lane gang bang happened.

2. Was there a reappearance of Lacey? Not yet.

3. Did they play any Poison songs during the show? Bret gave an acoustic performance of ERHIT for a few of the ladies. Awwwwwww. Still haven't heard Fallen Angel once in either season. You'd think they'd play every time a chick got booted off the show. C.C. must have written that one or something.

4. Did Bret Michaels say, "It kinda turned me on." Yep, wish I could remember more about the scenario though, it was funny whenever he did it.

5. Did the show sink to any new lows that could top measuring the blood flow in his johnson when girls talked dirty to him? The peep show idea was pretty low. I was impressed. Overall, I thought this was one of the better episodes of the show.

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