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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rock of Love 2 BLOGGGGGG

Okie dokie, Rock of Love is back, and watching mindless TV on Sunday night before I get ready for the work week (allegedly) is one of my favorite past times.

Let me break down the girls first.

The Russian chick, Albine, or atleast Eastern-Euro chick who had a boob job, nose job and another facial job and STILL looks like a man, and is ultra skanky. I'd say I can't believe Mr. Poison picked her for the next round, but she was the slutiest, and is probably better for ratings. She can't last more than one more show. I swear it's a tranny though.

Megan, the hot blond. I think she was one of the VIP chicks, but there are so many skanks running around that house it's hard to remember. She's hot, nice body and very bubbly, so I guess she'll be around for awhile. I'd let her live in my apartment for a good month, I'll tell ya that. Don't know how annoying she is yet though. I could see her getting really annoying.

Kristina ... the germaphobe chick. There's no way a germaphobe lasts in that house. Her mere non-skankability makes her unique enough to go along way in the show, but I can't see her winning. I see her quitting because the skanks get to her.

Peyton. She reminded me most of Heather from last season. Pure skank, she could go pretty far. Kinda annoys the crap out of me already though.

Ambre ... whom doesn't exactly spell her name right. In fact, alot of these chicks don't. Ambre doesn't really seem to belong there, but after one episode, she seemed the sweetest. We'll see. I'm glad she made the cut, and the chick who talked about myspace didn't.

Catherine ... the token old chick with kids. She made the next round so Mr. Poison has someone he can talk about parenting with. She won't last too long though because she's not as attractive as some of the other girls. Let's be real here, this show is about how many hot chicks Bret Michaels can bag before the Season is over.

Daisy. I don't know what it is about her, but she didn't seem as annoying as most of the other girls. I'm a bit disappointed she spells "Daisy" right though. I'd be nice if she spelled is "Daisey", or the stoned way like, "Dazy" or something. After all, aren't strippers supposed to do things like that? I'd like to see more of a variety in contestants though, like maybe a quiet librarian type who writes children's books on the side. Maybe a power-hungry woman that wants to president someday.

Destiney ... my favorite. I like her the most because she has the unnecessary "e" in her name. As of right now, she Bret's token, "Crazy" chick that could be the best lay, or kill him in the middle of the night. You know, the chick that always makes Bret go "It kind of turns me on." Although I don't think she's a crazy at Bret makes her out to be, it's nice having someone that actually LIKES POISON on the show. I think this show strays too far away from Poison because after all, if I listened to good music in the 80s, I probably would never watch this show. Fortunately, I listened to glam rock though, so skankarama sunday is back!

The rest of the chicks either got eliminated, or didn't do anything I can remember, so screw them for now.

Rock of Love 2 Checklist:

1. Did any former members of Poison show up? Nope.
2. Was there a reappearance of Lacey? No, but the previews for upcoming shows showed her, so she'll be back.
3. Did they play any Poison songs during the show? Nope, not even ERHIT.
4. Did Bret Michaels say, "It kinda turned me on." Yep, better believe it.
5. Did the show sink to any new lows that could top measuring the blood flow in his johnson when girls talked dirty to him? Nope. I don't think that will ever be topped.

Finally, what fun words in my blog aren't recognized by spellcheck?

Skanky, slutiest, tranny, germaphobe, skankability, Ambre, Destiney, and skankarama.

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