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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire Primary Update!!!

I love election years. What's really funny, in the most immature of ways, if you NinjaWarrior the word "election" ... well, I'll let the people who get the whole Japanese thang to do it on their own. hehehehe, 13 Years Old 4 Life

Anyways, so in about a half hour (I started writing this about 7:30 EST time, you know the time zone that matters) New Hampshire will begin to release their polls. (hehehehehe ... again, 13 Years Old 4 Life). The best guess at this point is that McCain and Obama will take it, which couldn't make me any happier seeing they are the only two candidates I trust. Note, I didn't say agree with, or like, or anything of that sort, just the two I trust, that is, unless Obama is really a terrorist and he's the product of an Al-Qaeda plot that hatched some 3 decades ago.

I will say this about Obama, sure I love his speeches, but the way he speaks in debates is really annoying. I can already see the SNL spoofs (like the rest of America, I don't watch SNL, so if they're already happening well, you're a douche for knowing about it). Ever since he gave that speech at the Democratic National Convention in double aught 4, I've been following him. Doesn't that make me on the Obama bandwagon, because I didn't start rooting for him since the day he was born, or the day I was born, or whatever? What if I liked two politicians, would that make me a political bigamist?

Nyaaaaaaaa you can't like two politicians
Nyaaaaaaaa you're jumping on the bandwagon

(If you're one of those people that's ever questioned my love for the both the Skawks and Bucs, that was for you)

Okay, lost my train of thought there. The reason why I started writing this, was because of Hillary (I guess there are two Ls, poor Japanese). If she doesn't win the primary, we are going to have quite the sad panda on our hands. We won't have seen a democrat this frowny faced since FOX NEWS told Al Gore they were filming for "When Good Elections Go Bad!" It's obviously not over for her yet either way, but does America really believe in this "Change" thing the media keeps spouting out? Was the Bush Administration so awful, that Americans are indeed sick of the whole political landscape?

Artists like Obama, Huckabee and to a lesser extent McCain appear as the least corruptible candidates on the board. Hillary already seems like she's been President, Romney has PURE EVIL tattooed on his forehead, Giuliani has mob ties and can't even stay married, Fred Thompson has the ghost hand of Ronald Reagan up his ass and it's hindering his ability to make intelligible thoughts, and John Edwards missed his calling a televangelist. These candidates all may have been successful in the past, but there's the slight chance America has changed. Slight.

So, as the New Hampshire settles down here in 15 minutes, it's going to be interesting if this is all just a bunch of hogwash. Or America really wants difference.

Doesn't it scare anyone else that if America were attacked under Obama, he'd try to "reason" with the terrorists?

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