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Friday, December 28, 2007

Numero Ocho Amy Winehouse Apoya a Negro

Quiero Amy Winehouse

It's nice that we have a real rock star again. Sure, it's a little frustrating trying to listen to someone who shares headlines with the unholy ladies of no-talent except being drunken skanks because she ZACTUALLY has real talent. After my Ronettes, Darlene Love renaissance of late last year, I like having music take a turn towards that era, especially when it involves a freaky looking weave topping drunk like Ms. Winehouse. Sure, the irony of her going to Rehab this year is a little disenchanting, but it's great having a rock star you know could die any day, thus leaving her legacy in stone.

Will I be sad when she dies? No, not really. To me, it's like Kurt Cobain killing himself, or the Bhutto's of the world getting assassinated, some things you just know are going to happen, and they can't be stopped.

Like the Buccaneers winning another Super Bowl this year.



You can't stop Jeff Garcia, you can only hope to contain him (don't read to far into that though).

Lastly, after I just did spellcheck on this bad boy, it doesn't recognize skank as a real word, which isn't right. So, I guess when I play my mom at Scrabble later, I probably shouldn't put skank on the board. Oh well.

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