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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Revolution #9 ... !!! - Myth Takes

One of my highlights of 2007 was pronouncing the name of this band. There was "The Exclamation Point Band", there was "Nck Nck Nck", and then I found out it came from the sounds to locals made in "The Gods Must Be Crazy", which is the best yet because popping sound is tremendous. Maybe combining that sound with the finger wag, would be my Mike Tyson's Punch Out-esque signal that my special move is coming.

In terms of the music, I loved this album at first, and like most albums I love at first, I don't like it as much later in the year. Still, it has some quality tunes like the title track, Bend Over Beethoven, Heart of Hearts ...

And pardon my inconsistency as to how I present song titles.

Also pardon how each paragraph was shorter than the last.

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