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Friday, October 19, 2007

The Bulls Excuse

First of all, as sad as it was to see them lose, seeing Rutgers rush the field just proves how far USF has come. That was definitely the first time anyone's EVER rushed the field after beating USF. A college only rushes the field when they win a huge game against a great opponent, hence USF IS indeed GREAT.

Now, WHY did they lose, is probably the most important question. Let me break out the bullet points: (no offense to Fifty Cents)

They lost their best offensive lineman. Remember when all of a sudden Rutgers just kept blitzing and USF had no answer? Well that because they lost their best offensive linemen, and seeing they've still only been Division 1A for like 4 years, they're not to deep.

So if the other team keeps blitzing, don't you start calling alot of screens? I need this question answered. USF didn't call one single screen. I'm new to this whole college football thing, do they not call screens in college football?

We had two touchdowns taken away. Sure, because of college football rules, both SHOULD'VE been taken away, but still.

Gadget plays. Without hocus pocus, the Red Scarf Knights had nothing except a running back. Still, I can't believe USF fell for the fake field goal. That was embarrassing. I was shouting at my TV, WATCH THE FAKE, WATCH THE FAKE!!! And they, well, didn't watch for the fake.

Perhaps the biggest reason we lost is because after our first touchdown and 10-3, I called Corey and said, this team is terrible. There's no way we're losing to a team this crappy. So it's all my fault. These things usually are.

Selvie went down with a back injury early in the game too. Sure, he still played, but he was really ineffective. If his back was okay, they would've sacked the QB 1 birrion more times.

Okay, end bullet points (no offense Tupac, oh wait, you're still dead. Never mind.) Now, the big question is, how far will they fall? Well, they shouldn't fall any further than whatever West Virginia is ranked, because they beat them. Still, the one thing I know about College Football is logic like that doesn't matter. It's who lost more recently that matters. That said, if they fall any further than out of the top 12, it's complete bullshit. If that was a pure gold helmet, and it read Notre Dame across their jersey's, they probably wouldn't fall out of the top 5. So, I guessing anywhere from 8 to 15. (I believe WV is 8 right now, not sure though).

Finally, what does this all mean in the end? Well, probably no National Championship, but we should still win the Big East and get into a BCS Bowl. Which, if that was an option at the beginning of the season, we'd all be really psyched about. So, congrats to USF for now. They're doing great, and really, has a City ever had a College Football team progress this quickly? It's like their history has happened in a montage.

MONTAGE ... it's going to be MONTAGE ...

Happy Friday everyone.

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