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Friday, October 5, 2007

The Touchiest Subject of them All

The place next door to where I work is called, "The Women's Health Center", read, Abortions for some, miniature American Flags for others. (Thanks Kodos). I never would've have known this in a million years, except every so often, pro-lifers are out there protesting, exchanging plans to create pipe bombs and contracts of assassination of abortion performing doctors.

I don't really want this story to turn into some political debate, because this subject is pretty much taboo nowadays, and like most political subjects, my views change as I get older. The Pro-Life/Pro-Death debate to me, is just like comparing the Beatles and the Stones. When I was younger, nobody touched the Beatles, but as I get older, the Stones are the band I actually still listen to and relate to, while the Beatles remain nothing more than a musical theory. Then out of the blue, I listen to Abbey Road or Let it Be, and say to myself, okay, maybe they still are better than the Stones. To me, that's what the Pro-Life/Pro-Death debate is all about.

Having worked where I work for so long, I'm an expert at the waves of young people going in and out of the clinic. Sometimes, I'll be walking to my car, and I'll see a nice young couple walking inside, about to make a HUGE life decision. Other days, there won't be any cars out there at all and I think awww, abortions for no one and miniature American flags for all. Lately, a minivan has been parking in our parking lot with a "Choose Life" license plate, which mindfuckles me.

I've always took the stance that the "Choose Life" license plate takes the side of the Pro-Deathers, saying, you have the right to choose, but choose life, which is a great idea. However, everyone tells me I'm wrong, and that in fact, if you have this license plate, you are indeed saying, "Let me choose for you. My god is better than yours and I've made up my mind. You're keeping your baby." So if this is the case, what the hell is a Pro-Lifer doing working at a clinic? Are they trying to take them down from the inside? Should I run inside and say, "PRO-LIFER! PRO-LIFER!" and see what happens?

This morning, the parking lot next door is filled. Which obviously means, abortions are selling like hot cakes this morning. Although this is simply abhorrent to me, atleast it's not my body.

Because I've made up my mind
I'm keeping my baby.

How much of a better place would the world be if we let Madonna decide this issue and Michael Jackson's "Black or White" end racism?

Because when you're talking about my brother
it don't matter if he's black or white.
(bet Slash wishes he had that appearance back)

Now that I've totally jumped the shark with this story, I'll leave you with a Bill O'Reilly quote about Madonna that was really funny. "It's not that people don't want to listen. It's that people don't want to listen to Madonna. If Madonna was telling you your house was being robbed, would you listen to her?"

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