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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wild Mountain Nation or Kid Nation? You decide.

The former is a song by a rock band known as Blitzen Trapper, the latter, is basically CBS' new Survivor for children show. Although I was having fun watching it last night, it hasn't resonated with me this morning. I don't care about any of those punk kids, except the only one that was really a punk, the 15 year old. If there was a Jonathan Bender in the group, it was definitely him.

I suppose the more important questions are these; Who's "Piggy", meaning, who has the greatest odds to be so annoying that he has a boulder thrown on him? Who's "Jack", whom you may remember was the evil leader kid of the LOTF? Who's "Ralph", the do-goody elected leader, and lastly, who's "Roger", the kid who drops the boulder that kills "Piggy." I don't think this is the same Roger that stole Wilson's plans and gave them to the lizard people for the revolution ... woah, lost my train of thought there.

As of right now, I'd say "Piggy" would be that one leader kid named Mike. I didn't like that kid. If someone had dropped a boulder on him, I wouldn't have been too disappointed, so he's my odds on favorite to have a boulder dropped on him. He's got the glasses already, now he just needs to put on a few lbs.

"Roger" would be the 15 year old could who sort of smacked Mike in the face. I love this kid. He's in this town with all these little brats and he's just going to be a dick ... that is, until now because he knows he has a chance to win 20 gur.

"Jack" would be that 10 year-old-girl who said, "I'm a beauty queen, I don't do dishes." 10 years old, and saying that. The Paris Hilton Generation is indeed real, and it is indeed the scariest problem America will ever have to face. Much worse than the Russians during the Cold War, or Al-Qaeda now.

And lastly, "Ralph." I guess he'd be that idealistic kid Michael whom all the other kids seem to love for his motivational speeches. Just like Ralph, in the beginning of LOTF, he has the charisma and what not to be a great leader. But one thing I'd say to Michael, beware the Ides of March.

Okay, so I've spent my Thursday morning talking about a TV show.

Now I guess I'll do more links.

HUGE 24 Spoiler (yes, even more TV). A great character is coming back. Don't click if you don't want it spoiled, but I'm VERY happy about this. Hopefully this person will kill of Janene Garafolo's character.


See, cancer is a tumor, that destroys not only the part of the body it grows from, but eventually the rest of the body as well. Eric Gagne, you are that cancer.


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