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Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday, Friday, Friday

At some point today, I hope to drop a Friday Five here. No ideas right now ... brainstorming. And brainstorming only works if you have a brain.

Anyways, here's some fun links.


Youssif, I have cried for you too! You, and Argentina. Or was that Argentina that cried for me. Or maybe it was Madonna. Can't remember.

As you can see, it's kind of frustrating that CNN is trying to make a feel good story by selecting one child that's been affected by the horrors of war, and cramming it down our throats. Still, if it was Foxnews, that story would probably be how Dick Cheney molested a homeless man ... errrrrr, gave a homeless man a quarter.

So, until this story ultimately ends with, "Youssif killed by car bomb," let's watch the wonderful news source known as CNN, create a story that really has nothing to do with anything, so we Americans can sit back and say, "hey, I contributed a dollar to that kid's new face, aren't I a great person!" Thank you, CNN. Thank you.

There's another annoying kid that's been in the news this week, although this one is a dick, and poor Youssif is just some lucky Iraqi that CNN decided to help so it could have a feel good news story.

The tasered kid. At first I was shocked and appalled by the tasering, but then, the more I read, the more the kid sounded like he had it coming. Now I realize, if he didn't scream like girl, and took his tazing like a man, this wouldn't have been a big deal. Thank god it is though, because otherwise, you wouldn't get a link like this:


Probably not a good idea to call the cops "Bro." Oh, and if the cops ask you to leave, leave. It's that simple.

Here's a battle that's difficult which side to take.

Kathleen Griffin vs. The Church.


It seems rational to side with Griffin because that whole freedom of speech thing, but at the same time, would you ever want to be on Kathleen Griffin's side?

Maybe Congress will pass an amendment saying Jesus died for people's sins so you have to thank him when you win awards, and sporting events, because after all, I'm sure Jesus gets pissed off if he doesn't get thanked at Hollywood Award ceremonies. I think I've been over this though, so I'll stop.

What would be better of Congress, is they got involved in the Patriots' cheating thing (not really though). Just like Barry Bonds, I think it's unfair that the Patriots are being singled out at doing something everyone is doing, however, just like steroids have tainted baseball, football is tainted now. Period. We can deny it all we want. I still love it though (see, that's denying it).


While I'm on the subject of sports, here's what Michael Wilbon, who's arguably the best sports writer out there today, had to say about McNabb's whole black quarterback thing. As usual, his take is spot on.


I'd really love to see what Steve McNair has to say about this. These young kids coming out and suggesting white and black QBs are treated the same makes sense because they've only been in the league a couple years, but the veteran QBs, those are the takes I want to hear. Shaun King, paging Shaun King. Man, I don't miss that QB one bit.

Okay, I'm done yapping until I can think of a top 5 for later.

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