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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Great Movie Endings (20-11)

20.  Raiders of the Lost Ark

Melting Faces! Melting Faces!  Nazi's dying violently is always a good way to end a movie. 

19.  Planet of the Apes


Obviously, I cannot wait for Rise of the Planet of the Apes to come out on BlueRay (since I wrote this, it did and I was a little disappointed).  

18.  Star Wars

Any movie in which a Death Star is blown up at the end has to be ranked, well, except for Return of the Jedi. 

17.  Reservoir Dogs

Here's another example of QT having the multiple participant shootout.  Though it's probably a fact that Mr. Pink doesn't get away with the diamonds, I like to think that he does and he's the only "Dog" left standing so ultimately the winner. 

16.  The Graduate

The window banging is indeed classic, but there's no way one hooks up with a daughter after they've been screwing the mother unless it's a porno. 

15.  Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Here we have the famous Filibuster scene.  Perhaps the best scene in this movie though is when Mr. Smith gets to Washington, has a bad article printed about him and goes around town punching the media.  It's too bad politicians can't do that today and still win elections.  This is why I don't want them to remove fighting from hockey.  Aside from the fact that it does help police the sport, just imagine how much more exciting the state of politics would be today if their were more fist fights?  I bet people would watch more C-SPAN, that's for sure. 

14.  Thelma and Louise

There will probably never be a more perfect example of what happens when you take away one's reason and accountability. 

Cook: I hate it when these waffles stick together
Waitress:  Sticking together is what good waffles do!

13.  The Departed

Everyone dies except Marky Mark, who's the only lovable character in the movie.  For Leo haters …

            Top 3 Best Moments of Pain for Leonardo DiCaprio

3.  Gangs of New York

Aside from a luck win at the end, Bill the Butcher beats the crap out of him which is great to watch.

2.  The Departed

Leo gets shot in the head!  How perfect!  How could a Leo hater not love this movie?

1.      The Titanic

If one is really a Leo hater, I imagine watching him freeze to death slowly is probably their favorite, "Seeing Leo go through excruciating pain" moment.

12.  Scarface

This is another example of my tendency towards violent bloodbath endings, but who doesn't love the line, "Say hello to my little friend!"  You almost wish Tony Montana pulls it out in the end, but there's just no way, nor does he deserve it either. 

11.  There Will Be Blood

Here we have the classic bowling pin beat down scene.  Eli just doesn't know who he's messing with.  It's easy to point at the greed of Daniel Plainview but Eli has it too, and that's what really makes this ending so spectacular is that it has an evil man who understands he's not a good person who destroys a preacher full of hocus pocus who doesn't understand that he too is not a good person.  

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