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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Top 70 Songs of 2001

Wow, nearly a month between posts.  This aggression will not stand man, or at least this lack of aggression.  The last pre-9/11 year wasn't a particularly good one for music, and it's probably not fair to say, "Thank god 9/11 happened so music got better!" even though I just did.  

The best parts of 2001 were probably the Strokes debut and the Shins debut (two bands who are pretty much goners now in terms of relevance).  

The worst part of 2001 is that this is the year Radiohead junkies started letting them get away with garbage in a box and calling it art and giving it lofty 9.0 rankings and their hipster websites.  Aside from the first song, there's not too much pleasurable about it, and is the Exhibit "A" that fashionable music magazines and websites collectively decided to give Radiohead great grades from there on in no matter what.  It's outtakes people.  They didn't make the cut on Kid A because they were experimental crap.   Just because something is experimental doesn't make it good.  Props to Radiohead though for duping hipsters for about 10 years running now.  Anyways, here are 70 songs ...

70.  I’m Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman – White Stripes
69.  Izzo (H.O.V.A.) – Jay-Z 

This almost sounds like something Will Smith would do minus the bad words. 

68.  The Weather – Built to Spill
67.  Trees – Pulp 
66.  Good Souls – Starsailor 
65.  Strange – Built to Spill
64.  11:11 – Andrew Bird 

There’s not a song for every minute of the day, but I wonder how many minutes of the day are covered.  Probably most of the hours on the hour (especially the midnight hour), maybe some half hours (4:30), and there must be a 4:20.  I know Spoon has 10:20 am, and here’s another.  This sounds like a very boring Wikipedia project. 

63.  I Might Be Wrong – Radiohead 
62.  Happiness – Built to Spill 
61.  Jenny and the Ess-Dog – Steve Malkmus
60.  The Union Forever – White Stripes
59.  New York City Cops – The Strokes 

Kind of like “Bombs over Baghdad”, we have another song casualty of 9/11 as it was removed from the album after the disaster.  Years later, still a good decision. 

58.  Know Your Onion – The Shins 
57.  Let Me Blow Your Mind w/ Stefani – Eve 

Who woulda thunk Eve was so gangsta? 

56.  New York, New York – Ryan Adams
55.  Anywhere, Anyone – DNTEL 
54.  At Dawn – My Morning Jacket 

… continuing right where they left off with The Tennessee Fire.

53.  72 (This Highway’s Mean) – Drive-By Truckers 
52.  Sing – Travis 
51.  Someday – The Strokes 
50.  The Host – Built to Spill 
49.  Too Long – Andrew Bird

Apparently Bird didn’t make nearly as clean of a break from his old style as Bob Dylan did once he turned rock. 

48.  A Movie Script Ending – Death Cab For Cutie 
47.  Has It Come to This – The Streets

In one of my more racist moments, I immediately liked this guy less when I found out he was white.

46.  Miles Away – Yeah Yeah Yeahs 

From their first recordings, you can tell they have the energy. 

45.  Witness (I Hope) – Roots Manuva 
44.  You Are – Built to Spill 
43.  Way Out West – Andrew Bird 
42.  Pilot – The Notwist
41.  Soma – The Strokes 

I’m not sure if I like Julian’s voice when all is said and done.  He’s one of those guys who should never scream, and he does. 

40.  Umbrella – DNTEL 

I must have been really depressed in 2001 because I love this song. 

39.  We Laugh Indoors – Death Cab For Cutie 
38.  Sexi Plexi – Jack Johnson 
37.  Two Way Action – Andrew Bird 

Here’s proof that everyone has to rock eventually. 

36.  One By One All Day – The Shins 
35.  Short Skirt/Long Jacket – Cake
34.  Here It Comes – Modest Mouse 
33.  What Ever Happened to My Rock’n Roll (A Punk Song) – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

This is neither a rock’n roll or punk song. 

32.  Natural Decline – Smog
31.  Family Affair – Mary J. Blige 

I like an MJB song, who woulda thunk it? 

30.  Juxtaposed With You – Super Furry Animals
29.  I Think I Smell a Rat – White Stripes

All you little kids seem to think you know just where it’s at
Oh, I think I smell a rat
Using your mother and father for a welcome mat
Oh, I think I smell a rat

28.  Hopefully – My Morning Jacket
27.  The Modern Age – The Strokes 
26.  La Cienega Just Smiled – Ryan Adams 

Whatever this song does, and whatever I’m feeling right now match perfectly. 

25.  How Indiscreet – Andrew Bird 

Man, Andrew Bird rocks the shit out of this song. 

24.  Astounded w/ Curtis Mayfield – Bran Van 3000 
23.  Dead Leaves and Dirty Ground – White Stripes
22.  Meanwhile, Rick James … Cake
21.  Fell In Love With a Girl – White Stripes 
20.  Phone West West – My Morning Jacket 
19.  Hard to Explain – The Strokes 
18.  Lowdown – My Morning Jacket
17.  Xmas Curtain – My Morning Jacket 

I always include this as one of my favorite Xmas songs, but just because Xmas is in the title doesn’t make it necessarily about the holiday.  You’re the criminal who never breaks the law

16.  Hotel Yorba – White Stripes 
15.  Inaudible Melodies – Jack Johnson 

If there’s a Dave Matthews coaching tree, I imagine this guy was like his defensive coordinator or something. 

14.  Bermuda Highway – My Morning Jacket 

Maybe I’m to blame for his short and bitter fucked up life. 

13.  Barely Legal – The Strokes 

Here are the Stokes, re-pioneering the nenenenenenenenene guitar sound. 

12.  We’re Going to be Friends – White Stripes 

I love the sensitivity on display in this one.  It’s one of things that separates the Stripes from cock rock.  Motley Crue couldn’t do a song like this, nor could some band a little classier like Led Zeppelin. 

11.  Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz

It’s great hearing Del again in 2001 after Deltron.  It’s almost like a continuation. 

10.  Caring is Creepy – The Shines 

Natalie Portman and the Shins, what’s not to like?

9.  Packed Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Can – Radiohead 
8.  The Way That He Sings – My Morning Jacket 

Sometimes it’s really fun to take My Morning Jacket songs and pretend they’re about Jesus.  Kinda ruins the band a little, but it’s still fun.    In fact, Top 5 My Morning Jacket songs that are fun to pretend that they’re about Jesus:

                5.  The Way That He Sings
                4.  Golden
                3.  Tonight I Wanna Celebrate With You
                2.  Highly Suspicious
                1.  What a Wonderful Man

7.  Hash Pipe – Weezer 

I’ve been pretty hard on Weezer in my day, and probably shouldn’t have been. 

6.  Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue 

The infectiousness of this song has a spell over me.  This could probably go on for another 10 minutes and I’d still love it. 

5.  Get Your Freak On – Missy Elliott 

Missy has to be the best female rapper ever.  When I think of the contestants though, it’s not like there’s that much competition.  Queen Latifah?  Meh.  Nenah Cherry?  Please.  Salt?  Peppa? 

4.  New Slang – The Shins 

This song just makes me wanna go back to my hometown and ride around my bike with my girlfriend on my handle bars, though that would probably scare her.

3.  Is This It? – The Strokes 

I love the deliberately lazy pace of this song.  It’s perfect for the mood. 

2.  (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan – DNTEL 

This could be the Postal Service’s finest song, yet, technically it’s not their song even though it’s the same exact lineup. 

1.  Last Night – The Strokes 

This is the song that brought good rock music back into the mainstream culture … I guess.  

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