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Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Film Villans, Part 4 on the Floor (Adrock is at the door)

20.  Christoph Waltz as "The Jew Hunter" in Inglorious Basterds

Nazi's are perhaps the greatest villains of them all due to them being real 'n all.  Waltz is so wonderfully evil in this movie that Hitler himself looks like a joker.  When I first saw this film, I was a little disappointed at the ending, how he sold himself out, but realized this was the smart thing for him to do, and of course in a villainesque way. 

19.  Some Computer as "HAL" in 2001: A Space Odyssey

HAL's sarcasm while playing chess is what makes it for me.  Sure, there's all that computers turning on humans stuff which is great, but it seems every time he talks, sarcasm reaches unprecedented levels.  Ooh, that computer guy, he's cool. 

18.  Marlon Brando as "Stanley Kowalski" in A Streetcar Named Desire

Seeing I don't consider Brando's "Godfather" a villain, this is perhaps the best villain role he's played, the wife beating drunk.  Still, you have to feel for a guy that's created his perfect niche in life, but then if forced to live with his wife's annoying sister.  No one wants that.

17.  Arnold Schwarzenegger as "The Terminator" in The Terminator

What's strange is growing up, Arnold always seemed like he was a villain.  Looking back at his movies, it was quite rare that he played the bad guy and even this role turned into "the hero" with further incarnations of the story. 

16.  Some guy as "Boba Fett" in Empire and Jedi. 

Growing up watching Star Wars, Boba was the coolest character of them all.  I was a little too young to appreciate the first film when it came out, but was old enough for Empire.  I for one definitely got caught up in Boba Fett mania and wept when he tragically got eaten by the Sarlac.  (Note:  I didn't research the name of the thing that ate him.  I almost hope I'm wrong, but something tells me I'm not and I've reached a new tier of Star Wars geekery. 

15.  Michael Madsen as "Mr. Blonde" in Reservoir Dogs

Are you gonna bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna bite?  Madsen was the Elvis cool psycho.  He was also responsible for my first ear dismemberment.  I've seen plenty since, some that have come historically before and some after, but none as memorable.

14.  Anthony Perkins as "Norman Bates" in Psycho

I'm sure he's much higher on most lists, as he's films first … well, psycho.  He's great, but aside from finding him very creepy, I didn't fear him at any point in my life, despite "the shower scene" making showers a dangerous proposition for days after watching the film when I was young, but at 17 I learned the truth. 

13.  Malcolm McDowell as "Alex" in A Clockwork Orange

The droog accent probably makes him look less psychotic than he is.  Sometimes you can tell a great villain if he's been dressed up as for Halloween.  I know at least two people that have dressed as him, Bart Simpson and moi, so he gets points for that.  Also, the droog garb has been re-created countless times to dress up gangs.  There's even a droog based gang in The Warriors, but that weasel villain from the movie doesn’t deserve to come close to this list. 

12.  William Zabka as "Johnny Lawrence" in The Karate Kid

One form of villain I haven't touched on yet is the high school bully.  There are plenty in 80's comedies, but Johnny and his Cobra Kais are little more mean spirited than say, Roy Stalin and his Better Off Dead ski team.  Seeing Daniel crane kick him as a kid was nearly as invigorating as it is watching Johnny beat the shit out of him now that I'm an adult.  Zabka really is a "best of both worlds" villain. 

11.  Joaquin Phoenix as "Commodus" in Gladiator

I hated him so much.  He basically had every horrible characteristic a villain could have and it led to me hating him as an actor.  Fortunately, I've learned that just because someone plays a horrible person well, doesn't make them a horrible actor.  Watching this movie recently I saw how great of a villain he was.  Nobody could possibly cheer for this guy in any walk of life.

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