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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

King Kong the MacDaddy

The King Kong remake of Peter Jackson's rivals the original.  It's not better, but with today's technology, it's much easier to visually create the story.  Jackson does a great job with 1920's New York City, and he gets to have his Jurassic Park moment as well with all the creatures on Skull Island. 

To me, what sets this movie apart from the other two versions is Jackson really tries to develop the love story between Kong and Naomi Watts, which is obviously a little strange.  It starts with Kong claiming his woman via sacrifice, which okay, that's not how most of us men get our special ladies, but I'm sure some do.  After her struggle to escape, she realizes she kind of likes him and starts performing some tricks from her stage act for him.  Like some other women I know, she likes him because he's misunderstood, and when his violent rage leads to him being captured by the very people he's trying to kill, she tears up over her misunderstood boyfriend, rather than her friends who went to save her from him. 

Kong plays the role of rebellious misunderstood boyfriend along with romantic boyfriend too.  They have their moment of watching the sunset from the highest peak on Skull Island, which I'm sure has probably gotten him laid before.  After all, what woman wouldn't be wooed by a pretty sunset from a gorgeous mountainside?  In fact, if you look at Kong's Match.com page, I'm certain it says, "Loves watching sunsets from a mountain top on exotic remote islands." 

After he shows her all the beautiful aspects of where he's from, she then takes him to New York City, and takes him ice skating.  He's never seen ice before so they have their "oh so cute" moment together, that anyone watching can't deny their feelings are true.  Just imagine that it's Adrien Brody or someone with a less funny nose with her slipping on ice for their first time and you'd find this movie under the "Romance" section at one of those now defunct Blockbuster Video stores. 

The tide eventually turns though, as Kong, brand new to the city life, tries to impress his new woman by climbing up the cities largest skyscraper.  Guys always seem to do dumb things to impress women, and Kong is no different.  Unfortunately for him, he's forgotten about his troublemaker past, and finds an army of planes waiting for him up there which leads to his eventual demise, and Naomi Watts decides to leave him up there to fend for herself … okay, maybe it doesn't go exactly like that.  We are left with the truest (though Jack Black saying it is arguably the cheesiest line ever) ending ever, in which the man (who basically led to Kong's destruction) utters, "It wasn't the airplanes.  It was Beauty that killed the beast."  So goes the story of man and woman.  

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