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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drugs and the Departed

You go back through all the great Marty Scorsese movies over the years, and The Departed may not even break the Top 10.  I don't want to get into a list situation breaking down his movies here, because I haven't seen them all, but my Top 10 List would look something like this (done without thought):

10.  The King of Comedy
9.  The Color of Money
8.  Cape Fear
7.  The Aviator
6.  Mean Streets
5.  Raging Bull
4.  Casino
3.  Gangs of New York
2.  Taxi Driver
1.  Goodfellas

Does The Departed break the top 10?  Yes, for me it does without including the Scorsese movies I haven't seen, but something tells me Kundun is probably last.  Yet, The Departed won best picture and I'm virtually certain it doesn't crack the Top 5.  We'll see how time heals that one, but as great as the end was when I first saw it, you get to the point where you just feel bad for an actor hired to be in one of his movies because you know they will die violently in the end.  Review that top 10 list, maybe The Departed could reach as high as #3, it's possible, but it's probably more like #7.  That's the range I'm giving it.  What's more important than where this movie ranks among Scorsese's best, is where does that huge pile of blow that Jack Nicholson has rank amongst the biggest piles of blow in cinematic history?  Well, let's find out.  This is a tougher list because I'm not really a fan of hard core drug movies because they usually end up being quite depressing.  I'm sure there are many I will miss, but here's …

The Top 10 Biggest Piles of Blow in Film

10.  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

For all the drugs Hunter carried in that suitcase, there was only a salt-shaker full of coke, which isn't that big of a pile.  Or maybe it is, depending on the size of the salt shaker.  It just seems like Hunter would have an entire suitcase just for that. 

9.  Forrest Gump

"Mama always taught me 'bout baby powder Jenny, but she never told me it could go up your nose."

For all of this film's Hollywoodism's, it does have a really dark center. 

8.  Traffic

It's hard to gauge how much coke it is when it is the entire makeup of a doll, but I imagine it's a bunch. 

7.  Casino

Sharon Stone does a lot in this movie.  I can't recall a particular scene with a huge mound or anything, but she does A LOT. 

6.  Boogie Nights

What's great about this movie is in most drug movies, times get worse when the characters go from pot to coke, but in this one, it's when they go coke to meth, or whatever that drug Todd Parker is getting that they're not sharing with Roller Girl.  I'm glad I don't know what that substance is for sure. 

5.  Goodfellas

Ray Liotta's mistress is running a bakery with all that white powder in that apartment. 

4.   Tropic Thunder

No, there's no coke in this movie, but the pile of heroin that Jack Black stumbles upon is so huge, I have to include.  I could do a biggest piles of heroin list, but that would mean I'd probably have to watch Rush and Trainspotting again, not to mention Requiem for a Dream for my first time and that just sounds down right depressing.  Nobody ever says, "I wanna be a junkie when I grow up." 

3.  The Departed

Jack Nicholson throws a fistful of powder at one of his ladies of the night, or whoever that other girl is. 

2.  Scarface (1983)

By the time Tony Montana's world comes crashing down a la Columbian gangsters basically Navy Sealing his house, his face is buried in the yeyo mang. 

1.  Blow

Though this movie turns miserable to watch once the coke dealing starts (perfect example of the pot turning to coke =  bad times equation), you have to respect Penelope Cruz coming out with a bowl of it and demanding people party, or Bobcat Goldwait measuring it's power and getting very excited.  Any movie with Pablo Escobar's character in it is probably going to be #1. 

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