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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Return of the King's MVP

No, I don't mean who acted the best, I mean, who's most responsible for saving Middle Earth from the evil forces? 

and here … we … go

18.  Faramir

He barely did anything except lead a pointless attack simply to get his father's approval that failed miserably.  He also had that sneak attack in The Two Towers.  Meh.  His father was probably right about him.    

17.  Eomer

He kept the riders of Rohan together while their king was under an evil spell and I'm sure he did pretty well in the battles. 

16.  Elrond

What a disappointment.  He was the hero of the first major war so I expected much more from him.  He led his elves to basically flee the world so they didn't have to deal with the battle.  He did forge the sword for Aragorn and give some gay speech to get him to realize his true calling, but he really disappointed me.  I expect more from elves. 

15.  Arwen

She helped Frodo after he was stabbed by the Ring Wraiths, so she gets points for that

14.  Merry

He does assist Eowyn with killing the Witch-King, so that was a help. 

13.  Boromir

He killed a lot of orcs in Frodo's way, AND he saved Merry and Pippin while creating a diversion for Frodo and Sam to get away. 

12.  Pippin

He lights the beacons, which is a HUGE help for the Battle of Minas Tirith (though I doubt soldiers would be stationed on high mountain tops just to light these things every hundred years or so).  Unfortunately, he's also the bumbling idiot of the group, the little child that has to touch everything and doesn't care about the consequences of his actions. 

11.  Galadriel

She gave them all great weapons and what not to help them along the way.  I'm sure she also gave the order for her clan of elves to help the people of Rohan at Helm's Deep. 

10.  Gimli

He was a warrior on the battle field.  Basically, he's a great hired gun for a war.  His size hindered him a bit. 

9.  Gollum

If he's not there, after Frodo decides he won't destroy the ring, the ring may not have been destroyed, so his non-stop antagonism does sort of help in the end. 

8.  Frodo

He does okay, but ultimately he doesn't destroy the ring by his choice and is more of a liability of every battle or near battle he's in.  He always finds trouble.  Gandalf would've had better luck just sending the ring with one of his magical eagles. 

7.  Sam

Frodo wouldn't have gotten too far without him.  He also wasn't nearly the liability Frodo was in battles.  His heroic charge at the end has him more valuable than Frodo. 

6.  Eowyn

She basically kills the Witch-King.  When you kill the Wraith form of the leader of Evil, you get ranked pretty high whether that's the only thing you did or not. 

5.  King Theoden

He led the people of Rohan in the Battle of Helm's Deep AND Minas Tirith.  Sure he died amid the battle, but he's got a lot of notches on his belt, and unlike many kings and leaders, he actually fights rather than just commands others to fight. 

4.  Legolas

He's definitely one of the "They Wouldn't Have Won Without Him" guys.  Though his playful competition with Gimli maybe should reduce him to Gimli's level, his accuracy with a bow and arrow helped win the war. 

3.  Gandalf

He really gives great speeches, whether it's when he prepares Pippin for their inevitable demise, or his too much caring about the past and not enough preparation for the future speech he uses before a battle.  He's a great leader.  He killed many in battles including leading the final charge to save Helm's Deep.  He really is the leader of the good forces, so he should probably be #1.  I won't dwell on the eagle thing anymore. 

2.  Aragorn

If Gandalf was the idea guy, Aragorn was the ground troop assault general.  Granted, it was simply because he was born into royalty, but his command led to getting the Army of the Dead that pretty much won The Battle of Minas Tirith.  That battle was so big that when the remaining troops stormed Snake Mountain … err … Mount Doom, it seemed anti-climatic, even though that's when Aragorn gives his wonderful motivational speech.  He also did countless other things along the way like save Frodo's ass about 600 times. 

1.  The Army of the Dead

They pretty much won the Battle of Minas Tirith, which was the biggest battle in the entire trilogy, so doesn't this all come down to them?  

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