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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vincent Vega's Deadly Deuce in Pulp Fiction

Seeing my little blog here is called Thee Daily Deuce, it's impossible for me to resist talking about Vincent Vega's deadly "bathroom break boss" situations he finds himself in not unce, not tice, but fee times a mady in this picture. You'd think he'd learn a lesson, but he never considers danger when it comes to the bafroom. What's most bizarre, is due to the way Tarantino tells ze story of Pulp Fiction (onhonhon), you never really realize the unlikely bathroom scenarios he encounters until you've seen the movie like a brazillion times.

The first odd scenario happens at the very end of the movie, when it's revealed that there's another person in the room when Jules makes is oh so famous, "YES YOU DID BRAD, YES YOU DID!" speech. It's almost impossible to not harass someone this way when you've caught them doing something foolish. "YES YOU DID ___________ (fill in friend's name here) YES YOU DID!" I don't know why these two professional gangsters wouldn't check every room in the house, especially since they were told there could be "4 or 5 of them" and there were only 3. When someone comes out of the bathroom guns-a-blazin, I'm almost certain that every time after this you're about to do a vengeful whacking, you check every room of the place for other antagonists who may be wielding firearms. Still, the other two scenarios Travolta finds himself in, he's the one in the bathroom (most likely looking for his career).

The second sitch happens after they're having a nice relaxing breakfast at what appears to be a very comfortable diner. Jules is going though his post-miracle crisis and Travolta has to go to the bathroom. While this happens, Tim Roth and his special lady friend start their would-be robbery. This time, they're the ones who fail to check the bathroom, although this makes a lot more sense as they have many more people to worry about. Wouldn't it be great if this were a theme in all of Tarantino's movies, people not checking the bathroom before they're about to commit a violent crime? Anyways, it's Vega who's this time the one in the position to have the element of surprise on his side. No miracles this time, but hilarity and general peace do follow.

Lastly, it is Vincent Vega who is given the job of having to watch the domicile of one Bruce Willis, who as the kids in the beginning, tries to fuck Marcellus Wallace over, and Marcellus Wallace doesn’t like to be fucked unless it's by Mrs. Wallace, while Bruce is in flight after une match de boxing. Here's where someone who's seen a movie countless times can really be a prick and pick apart an otherwise flawless movie. There's no way in hell Vega would've gone to the bathroom without his gun after everything he'd been through recently, but Tarantino loves to give the audience what it wants, and that's Bruce Willis shooting the shit out of John Travolta. If Travolta had snappy dialogue and got blown away in other movies after this, his brief acting renaissance may have lasted a little longer.

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