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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Top Five People Who Will Miss Gary Coleman The Most

He will be missed. Mostly by his family and friends, but here in lies the question ...

The Top Five People Who Will Miss Gary Coleman The Most

... Kimberley ... um not so much.

Emmanuel Lewis ... well, he's gotta be psyched he outlived him, no? I can't put Webster on this list, but that leaves me with this. What are Gary Coleman and Webster? They're not really little people, but they're obviously not normal size. It's just kinda strange that their were two of them at the same time, and there hasn't been a sitcom with a not quite little person in decades now. I never really see these people at the grocery store either. I mean, you see little people, and think to yourself, "wow, there's a little person", but you never really see "in-betweenies". It's like Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis are the only ones.

Anyhoo, on the with the countdown.

5. Mr. Drummond

Believe it or not, Mr. Drummond is still alive. He's now outlived two of his "children". What a tragedy. He's only #5 though because he's old as fuck, and probably can't remember anymore. Didn't Mr. Drummond seem old as fuck back in the early 80s? Dag.

4. Mr. T

I'm telling ya, after he passes, there will be a moment in your life when you see a picture or video of him and Gary Coleman together, and it's going to be devastating. I'm serious. You may even cry.

3. Ricky Schroeder

I love how you get Webster and Gary Coleman as little black kids that are so lucky to wind up in white families, and then you have Ricky who was born into a white family, and he's a spoiled brat. Webster and Arnold are taught lessons as to how to be a good person, and more importantly, to respect whitey, act like he does, and the man won't hassle you, whereas Ricky who was white, was basically just taught to ride a train around his mansion. It's just ashame that Ricky never introduced Arnold to Alfonso Ribiero. Get those 3 together, and mix in Dudley, those kids could put a hurtin on Punky Brewster.

2. Dudley

Dudley ... poor poor Dudley. First he gets molested, and now he loses his best friend. Doesn't BET have to have a Diff'rent Strokes marathon? I need to see the one with Mr. T, and I need to see the one where Dudley gets molested. It's Memorial Day weekend, make it happen!

1. What'choo Talkin' Bout Willis!

Nothing any more Arnold. My little brother, my man. You will be missed.

You know, I have so few memories of Diff'rent Strokes, but I'll never forget the one where Willis somehow came up with some weed, and Arnold asks him what it is and he says all cooly, "Graaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss." That memory has now resonated with me for over 20 years. I last heard of Willis when he did some Celebrity Boxing. I always dreamed of the Gary Coleman vs Emmanuel Lewis, and now it will never happen.

RIP Gary Coleman.

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