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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dazed and Confused Actors Success Power Rankings

The following is a breakdown of how successful the main actors in Dazed and Confused came to be after the movie.

1. Ben Affleck (O'Bannon)

I recently watched Dogma and it's sad that the whole Bennifer thing destroyed his career. It's still hard to watch this guy nowadays, and it's hard to believe there was a time when he was actually cool. That said, he's probably the most popular actor from this movie. He may resurrect his career one day, but until then, here are some movies of note that he appeared in:

- School Ties

- Mallrats

- Good Will Hunting

- Chasing Amy

- Shakespeare in Love

- Armageddon

- Phantoms

- Dogma

- Boiler Room

- Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

- Pearl Harbor

- The Sum of All Fears

- Clerks II

2. Matthew McConaughey (Wooderson)

He's had a comparable career to Affleck, and is surprisingly less annoying than him, which is pretty crazy considering how annoying he is. If one thing has helped Wooderson over these past few years, it's that role he played in Tropic Thunder. That comedy helped him, Tom Cruise and turned Robert Downey Jr. into a great actor overnight. His highlights:

- A Time to Kill

- Amistad

- Contact

- EDtv

- U-571

- Reign of Fire (this is right around the time he turned into a douche)

- Two For the Money

- Sahara

- We Are Marshall

- Tropic Thunder

3. Renee Zellweger (Uncredited Role)

I'm not sure she qualifies, because I can't really even confirm she's in the movie. However, she is cited as being in the movie as "uncredited". It's kind of cool to say she's in the movie and here is what she's done:

- Reality Bites (bit part)

- Jerry Maguire

- My, Myself and Irene

- Bridget Jones Diary

- Cold Mountain

- Cinderella Man

- Leatherheads

4. Milla Jovovich (Michelle)

Milla is kind of overrated, and her career pretty much peaked in The Fifth Element. Here's some others:

- Return to the Blue Lagoon

- The Fifth Element

- He Got Game

- Zoolander

- Ultraviolet

- Released an album (haven't we all?)

5. Adam Goldberg (Jewish Guy Who Fights Clint)

Ah, Adam Goldberg. This guy pops up so many more times than what I listed below. He was Chandler's psychotic roommate on "Friends" and even though I've never seen The Hebrew Hammer, that's a great title for a movie. Highlights:

- Higher Learning

- "Friends"

- Saving Private Ryan

- EDtv

- A Beautiful Mind

- The Hebrew Hammer (great name)

- "Entourage"

6. Parker Posey (Darla)

Her career started getting crazy with her role in Superman Returns. About 15 years later, she's pretty big. Not much else:

- Coneheads

- Basquiat

- Scream 3

- Superman Returns

7. Joey Lauren Adams (Simone)

I was first introduced to her on "Married With Children." She's got a nice history of romantic/cheesy comedies:

- "Married With Children"

- Coneheads

- The Program

- Mallrats

- Bio-Dome

- Chasing Amy

- Big Daddy

- Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

- The Break Up

8. Nicky Katt (Clint)

I'd rank this guy higher if I ever recognized him in anything, but he's had bit part roles in so many movies and TV shows, it's kind of shocking. I'm not positive about this, but he may be the only actor to appear in the last Batman series, and the new Christopher Nolan directed series. See below:

- He was on "Chips", the original "V", "The Facts of Life" and "Friends"

- A Time to Kill

- Phantoms

- Batman and Robin

- Boiler Room

- Insomnia

- School of Rock

- Sin City

- Even the Dark Knight as a SWAT Team Member

9. Cole Hauser (Benny)

This guy is a forgotten Ginger. He kind of plays the same role in every movie and must have been friends with Ben Affleck at some point in his life.

- School Ties

- Higher Learning

- Good Will Hunting

- The Break Up

10. Anthony Rapp (Tony)

In college, when the lot of us first saw this movie, all my friends always said, "Holy shit Zach! I didn't know you were in this movie!" It bothered me so much that I had to quit my job and cut my hair (you know I cut my boss because I don't care). If Batman and Robin are one of the most famous popular duos to use for Scattergories, I'd say Anthony Rapp and Adam Goldberg are on of the least popular, but they are a duo I will use one day (they also were friends in A Beautiful Mind). Here's what he's done:

- Adventures in Babysitting

- School Ties

- Twister

- Road Trip

- A Beautiful Mind

11. Rory Cochrane (Slater)

Slater-sun. It's not surprising that much of the cast wasn't too good at acting, and Slater led the way. A great highlight of his career was that he was on the 7th Season of "24", a show I watched religiously, and his appearance went completely under my radar. D'oh!

- "24"

- A Scanner Darkly (It's probably not smart to work with an animated (or whatever) version of Keanu Reeves … well … unless you're Rory Cochrane.)

12. Jason London (Randall Floyd)

For years I thought he was in Kevin Smith's Mallrats, but it turns out that it was his brother Jeremy London. Watch out Baldwin family! The Londons mean business! His only other exciting role:

- Aerosmith "Amazing" Video

13. Wiley Wiggins (Mitch Kramer)

The kid who constantly touched his nose has never really done anything else of note, but he does have "Fucked up #2" on his resume for The Faculty. I'm not positive about this, but he may also have won two Cy Young awards and is still currently pitching for the San Francisco Giants.

14. Esteban Powell (Carl)

Carl, I'd like to smack that kid. He's on the list. He's had some roles in some teenage television shows, but that's about it.


  1. affleck was the bomb in Phantoms

  2. Wiley Wiggins is also in Waking Life, another movie by Richard Linklater

  3. Cole Hauser was also the villain in the second Fast and Furious flick.

    Word b#$%&! Phantoms like a mother f#%&*'