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Friday, April 9, 2010

Tarantino's Bloodiest Moments

I'm going to do my special rankings of Tarantino movies in the future, and there's a very good chance Reservoir Dogs will be #1, but today, I'm going to do another list, something that Tarantino is probably better at than any other director. If Hitchcock is the master of suspense; Kubrick is the master of cinematography, perversion and general weirdness; Spielberg is the master of action, aliens and the summer blockbuster; and Scorsese is the master of the mafia; I'm going to say Tarantino is the master of blood and pain. I'm sure there are some directors of horror movies out there who may be a little bit better, but that's basically all they do, but I'm talking directors that actually make good movies, not "how gross, gory and shocking can you be 101." That being said, QT's Top Ten Blood Scenes:

10. Inglorious Basterds … where to begin …

For starters, for #10 I'm going to combine two very violent acts, which relatively speaking aren't THAT bloody, but are still pretty bloody. Take your pick between either A) Carving Swastikas in the head of Nazis, or B) The scene where the Bear Jew bashes that guy's head in.

9. The aftermath of the wedding rehearsal in Kill Bill

In particular, when the Bride is lying there right before Bill shoots her in the head and says, "I could fry an egg on your face right now." Brutal scene.

8. Oren Ishii Cutting of Dude's Head in Kill Bill

I'm not including the whole Anime sequence used in this film because it's cartoon blood, even though it's possibly one of QT's bloodiest sequences ever. I will use his other blood scenes from this movie, despite the fact that they're way over the top like someone stuck a shower head into a body so when an important piece of the body is cut, a literal shower of blood pours out. It must be tough for Tarantino to out do himself, but he constantly does.

7. The Scalpings in Inglorious Basterds

Whatever blood is lacking from these scenes, is made up for by how gruesome it is. The scalped heads may not shower blood Kill Bill style, but there is a nice head topped off in red.

6. "Stuntman" Mike's Devastating Crash in Death Proof

What's kind of a in a strange way a chick flick (a movie in which the movie's main characters are female and are discussing their problems with men), is allegedly a "slasher" film, with Kurt Russell being said slasher. The way he kills the first girl that he's giving a ride too is pretty bloody, but if that's not enough, the near-suicidal collision he inflicts on the car of drunken ladies is grody to the max.

Now for the classics …

5. The Ear Cutting in Reservoir Dogs

We all know this one. When you have Scratchy performing this action on Itchy on an episode of "The Simpsons," you know your little Indie movie has gone huge.

4. Movie Night in Inglorious Basterds

I'm surprised I don't have this as #1, but that's just how good with blood QT is. The reason that this isn't any higher on the list, is somehow, someway, this scene isn't as bloody as it could be. There's lots of carnage, and Hitler certainly takes a beating, but all those bullet holes don't produce THAT much blood, again, relatively speaking. I should probably watch all these scenes in a row to see how accurate my list is.

3. Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs

This is Tarantino's way of saying hello to movie fans. He starts with his Madonna conversation, and then cuts right to the bleeding abdomen of Tim Roth. I've seen this movie countless times and a bleeding Mr. Orange still makes me feel uncomfortable.

2. Marvin Shot in the Face in Pulp Fiction

Despite the blood being popped all over the car's interior, what makes this especially gruesome is when they have to clean the car and pick the bits of brain from the seats. Gross. What's kind of strange is that both the earless cop from RezDogs and this headless guy from Fiction are both named "Marvin." My guess, is that "Marvin" is similar to South Park's "Kenny", and if Tarantino ever has a guy named Marvin in a movie again, it's most likely that character will have something horrible happen to his head.

1. The Battle Between the Bride and the Crazy 88s in Kill Bill

Even though the blood isn't realistic and way over the top, it's pretty hard to argue with this scene being Tarantino's bloodiest. There is blood anywhere and everywhere. Appendages get chopped off, people get blades to the forehead, and one guy even gets sliced in half, vertical style, which you don't see too much. Rumor has it, that there was so much blood in this scene, it had to be done in black and white or else!

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