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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How Much Popcorn Did Michael Moore Eat While Watching JFK?

I have no scientific knowledge of this, but I have this feeling that Michael Moore was influenced by this movie in the same manner Spielberg was after watching Hitchcock before directing Jaws, and after I watched The Doors and decided I wanted to be Jim Morrison. Fatty probably ate a lot of popcorn too.

This is what JFK is for though, to make sure another generation of people keep asking questions and continue to have distrust in our government. I wonder if the youth will even care. Our parents witnessed this act, but my generation did not, yet I’m sure many of my generation still cares. Will our kids? Less. Their kids? Even less. That’s the whole point of letting the documents become available once nobody no longer cares. Everything is forgotten with time, even a possible Coup D'Etat in the United States of America.

The downside is when a paranoid liberal druggie like Oliver Stone is using silly actors like Kevin Costner, who he himself acknowledged that Oswald acted alone (see Bull Durham), so it's kind of hard to take him seriously, no matter how great the movie is, and JFK is indeed a great movie, the best Stone has ever done. It certainly manipulated me into believing all sorts of things and most importantly, the biggest question of all, and that's how much popcorn did Michael Moore eat while watching it?

It had to be a lot. For starters, it's a really long movie, so the average person is probably good for a "small" bag of their own, which is often more than enough. I've never understood those people who order anything "large" at a movie theatre. Granted, everything is overpriced, but the sizes are usually good enough if you go small all the way. The "small" bag definitely feeds two people without a problem. Maybe a family will order a "large" for the whole family, but all those kids sticking their grubby little paws in the same bag of popcorn is gross. Michael Moore, on the pure length of the movie alone, had to at least consume a "large" size for starters, and probably went out to the concessions midway through the movie and got another small.

Michael Moore also strikes me as someone who doesn't drink too much alcohol. If there was ever a youtube clip of drunken boorish behavior, it would most likely undue everything he's ever done. So, if not a drinker, one would have to assume that the man loves soft drinks. Soda tends to fill you up quicker, so maybe less popcorn would be consumed, but a friend of mine who will go nameless has a video of Michael Moore at a Burger King sucking down burgers and sodas. If you study the video closely, you see him going up to get free soda refills in the back, left part of the fast food joint. Back and to the left. Back and to the left. Although with the video we have, it's clear Moore goes up for at least three sodas, it's sometimes hard to tell if he goes up for more. What we do have as proof is that there are at least 4 cups on his table, meaning if there's a 4th cup, there has to be a 4th trip, which would make a conspiracy, but less popcorn consumed during a movie.

We all know Mr. Moore loves his government paranoia, and big corporations killing the poor propaganda films, and JFK is probably the biggest of the bunch. Every time Oliver Stone shows one of the books paranoid theories, Michael Moore is more likely to eat popcorn faster because to him it must be so riveting. OH! THE MAFIA IS INVOLVED!!! Scarf scarf scarf. OH! IT WAS LYNDON JOHNSON WHO GAVE THE ORDER!!!! (adds butter, scarf scarf scarf). OH! THE MAFIA, CUBANS, RUSSIANS, MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX AND GEORGE W. BUSH DID IT!!!! See, brother must have eaten a lot of popcorn.

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